Why Homemade?

My homemade kick started when I decided that I no longer wanted our family ingesting certain ingredients that are commonly listed on food labels.  There were many that I can no longer remember but they included high fructose corn syrup and aspartame. Actually, I don’t like using artificial sweeteners at all.  The thought of all the preservatives made me gag. I wasn’t trying to mummify my family for eternity after all.  There just had to be a simpler way of doing things with less added unknown ingredients.

Since we began this journey we have learned the hard way that some things are worth buying in the grocery store. When choosing those items I am very picky. Anything that claims to be less calories I avoid because the first way to cut calories is to use an artificial sweetener. I inspect the reduced fat items every time before purchasing.  I am very picky with my tortillas that I buy in the store. In fact I only get store bought tortillas to make homemade chips with. Homemade tortillas are just too thick to make good chips out of. I am still perfecting our tortilla making.  Another specific food item that I have it better to buy instead of making is juice.  Yes, juice is high in sugar naturally but sometimes you just need a glass of orange juice with breakfast. We tried juicing. Once.

Homemade green apple juice

Never again.

I will buy flour and sugar and spices from the store.  I also buy stevia from the store and use that at times instead of real sugar. Instead of making my own tomato sauce and paste I do buy the cans of them to use in my own spaghetti and enchilada sauce.  There are some seasoning mixtures that I make on my own. Most notably would be taco seasoning.

taco seasoning
Homemade Taco Seasoning

Another food that I home make NO MATTER WHAT is re-fried beans. There are days where we will be so tired that we buy a jar of spaghetti sauce but we never buy re-fried beans.

Yes, all this homemade food includes baby food. I LOVE making my own baby food and this is why.

baby food

Where else can you get fresh carrots and home grown basil in baby food? I am a big advocate to breastfeeding as well but more on that and gardens later.

I will admit that I have fallen off the homemade food quite a bit. There are still things we will never go back on because homemade tastes so much better. Hopefully I can get back into the homemade swing and share some of our adventures and recipes here for others to enjoy and learn from our mistakes.  Or learn with us.


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