Fearless Toddler

Fearless Toddler

I love my one year. I love him to pieces. Without him my world would be boring, monotonous, and dreary. Without him I might have a few less grey hairs. He is my fearless toddler.

Recently we went to McDonald’s for an event and a change of pace.  Little M screeched and squirmed until I put him down. The minute his knees touched the ground he was off. This little guy did not look back once. He played up on the second story of this play structure for a total of an hour and a half. Mister little, fearless, toddler stopped only to eat his happy meal. He decided that throwing himself at the mesh barrier was an amazing game to play.

Later this same weekend we were at a different play structure. HD took Little M up and had him barricaded in a section that was about 10 feet up. After a couple minutes of talking to HM, Little M decided it was time to explore and jail broke out of the area. Not more than two feet away was a slide. Little M decided it was a splendid idea to bolt for the big kids slide. Yes, my fearless toddler went down the big slide. Yes, he went down the slide alone. Yes, he chose to go down the slide and was not cajoled into it.

The saga of Little M continues into our day of outside play this last week. Big M, Little M, and I gathered in the garage in preparation to go out into the driveway. I opened the garage door and Little M made a beeline for the great outdoors. Once, Little M crossed the threshold into the outside world he kept going and didn’t look back to see if HM was looking or following. Multiple times I had to chase Little M into the neighbors driveway and out of the road.  I also gave up keeping him out of icy, mud-puddles and from eating dirt.

Oh, did I mention Little M also likes to body slam and bite his older brother? That he often kicks his older brother out of various pieces of kids furniture? Why do I have the feeling we have a bully on our hands? Now please excuse me while I go dye my new found grey hairs. I think it is time for a new hair color. What color would you pick?


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