Religiously Easter

I grew up in a conservative religious household. Now compared to those of my religion who were conservative my family and I were all going to hell but compared to the world we were pretty conservative. This meant that Easter was about celebrating Christ’s death and resurrection. There would be big services at church and most often a fellowship lunch afterwords. Some of the larger churches had full fledged reenactments all weekend long that you could attend outside of the normal service.

My family, being the more let-your-hair-down type, would also celebrate Easter on Sunday with the traditional egg and basket hunt. I was one of those poor kids who not only had to search for my eggs but my Easter baskets as well. It was never big and egg-stravagent but it was fun and thoughtful.

Easter baskets
Little M unloading his basket

Our little family has not been as big on church going as with how we were both raised. Easter hasn’t been all about the religious side of things that we were raised on. The last three years we hid eggs for our oldest to hide and made up baskets for him. Some years have been a little more fancy than others but I have never been one to go all out with new bicycles or trampolines. My rule, for the most part, was that the items had to fit into the basket. I became a master packer one year when I went a little overboard.

This year both boys got to participate in egg hunts but none of them were put on by either HM or HD. In fact, I am not even sure where my Easter decorations are this year. Somewhere in that same box are all the plastic eggs and baskets that we have saved. This year they got baskets from a family member and from an organization that put on an event that we attended.

Easter baskets
The Easter baskets the boys received this year.

Big M got egg hunts at school and therapy and Little M got to go on an egg hunt at Barnes & Noble. They probably will get a couple little items from us just because we don’t know when else to give them the stuff. This year has been pretty low key. Whether it is from current events that has everyone stressed to the max or it is from the change in our thought patterns concerning holidays is hard to say.

Now comes the portion of this post that will cause some controversy. I have seen multiple posts in the days leading up to Easter that claimed the need to remember the “real” reason behind Easter. Didn’t we just hear this four or five months back? I digress. Now please don’t get me wrong. I believe in Jesus still and think that it is a miraculous and wondrous thing that He died and rose to save us one day. However, along with all these holidays becoming a not so huge deal to me has also come this small (huge) part of me that gets a little (lot) peeved at the “real reason” claims.

A stuffed Easter bunny and a plastic egg.

If you look back into how this holiday got started it wasn’t with the death and resurrection of Christ. It was with the celebration of spring and fertility according to an article by CBS News. The different traditions were adopted by Christians to represent the various religiously Easter aspects of the day. While various sources may not agree on who brought the traditions to America or which goddess the holiday originated from they do all agree that eggs and bunnies were a sign of fertility and the day was a celebration of spring. So that is the REAL reason behind the holiday. Christians just took it and made it convenient for them to celebrate as well.

One suggestion given to me by a close friend was that perhaps we should celebrate the Jewish holidays. This idea intrigued me enough to add it to my to-do to research. What are your thoughts on holidays?


Some other sites talking about the origins of Easter:

Fact Monster



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