Homemade Rag Wreaths

Homemade Rag Wreaths

I was taught how to make homemade rag wreaths late one night by an amazing young woman. She had gotten so good at making these wreaths that she could have turned it into a business if she had wanted to.

A spontaneous trip to Hobby Lobby (the best craft store ever) led to the purchase of wreath forms. She promised that the wreaths would turn out better with a wreath form instead of the old wire hanger I had tried to use when teaching myself. I also learned that I had been making my fabric strips too long and too thin.

Wreath made of green tulle. Also great cat bed.

To be able to make these rag wreaths you will need a total of about 3/4 of a yard of fabric, scissors and either a wreath from or an old wire hanger. Wreath forms can be found at most craft or hobby stores. I have personally seen them in Hobby Lobby, Joannes and Micheal’s. Typically they are floral green in color and come in a variety of shapes. A wreath form has three rounds of wire versus the wire hangar which will only have one.

The wire hangar you will have to re-shape into your preferred shape. The wreath form comes already shaped. Once you have your wire frame of choice and have chosen your fabrics you can get started! Now hold on to your craft tables ladies and lets get started.

Step 1

Cut your fabric into strips approximately 3 inches long and the width of 1 or 2 fingers depending on your personal preference for the finished look. Tip: Cut less than you think you will need as you can always cut more but can’t undo having extra strips unless you are making more than one wreath from the fabric.

Step 2

Tie the fabric onto the wire frame in the pattern of your choosing until the frame in completely covered.

Step 3

Fluff the fabric for an appearance of fullness and admire.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have finished your first homemade rag wreath. Simple to complete, right?! Now if you have not already started and finished this project here is the catch. You will have a house decoration that can be custom made for multiple decors and holidays. You will also spend at least on hour on one wreath, after you get the hang of it and get a groove going. That’s the catch. This project can be time consuming. And addicting.

Happy Tying!!


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