So Many Subscription Boxes

So Many Subscription Boxes

There are so many subscription boxes out there these days. You can get a box of surprise goodies for just about anything. I decided that it might be fun to try some out and write about my impressions of them. After compiling a list of the ones that I had heard of I decided that the list was too small and limited. If this was going to be done right I needed some variety in there.

What better way to find huge lists of something than on GOOGLE?! Boy did I dive in head first without knowing it. I googled “subscription boxes” and clicked on the first link. Five hours later I was done combing that website. I will say that if you wanna check it out via that hand link, it was a good website to find many of the boxes available out there. They listed reviews and searchable categories that made finding what you wanted easier. The only downfall? They don’t keep the listings up to date so there were several that I clicked on that have gone out of business.

My list quickly grew to an unmanageable size. Homemade Daddy quickly vetoed the list of subscription boxes I had compiled but being the ever supportive HD that he is, he helped me come up with a plan and narrow the list down a bit. So the deal is this. Instead of a single blog post this has turned into a series. We decided to do three months/boxes per company and I’ll write up a post for each company or category.

Curious as to what we have decided to try out? Here is the (mostly) final list! Now because of being on a tight budget I’m not going to be able to do all of these at the same time. They will be rotating out. Which ones are you most interested in and would like to hear about first? Leave me a comment and so that I can be sure to slip it into the rotation early on. Have you tried any subscription boxes? Which ones did you try? Did you like them?

Beauty and Healthcare

  • Ipsy Make up and beauty products – monthly **DONE**
  • Conscious Box specialty food and beauty products – Round 3
  • Bonjour Jolie period care and pampering – Round 4

Baby and Toddler Products





Not trying but found interesting





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