Luma Luma

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Last week has been so full of crazy busy-ness that I wasn’t able to do much with the blog or the family. I did grab a spare hour and was able to paint some decorations for Little M’s room. So now I present to you, the LUMA’s!! Fair warning though. I suck at painting. Bad. I think my three year old paints better than I can.

Luma paintingWM

These are simple wooden stars that could probably be found at Joanne’s, Micheal’s, or your local craft store. I cannot specifically say where to get them because I was given these by a friend who decided against using stars in her kids’ bedroom. They were already painted green and blue so on two of them I just added eyes and the other two I repainted.

Luma stars WM

Since I was free handing the eyes they sort of morphed and took on a life of their own as I was trying to get the right size.

luma2WMluma1 WM







The other two took some time as well because I decided to try to do it the hard way at first and paint over the blue and green without priming the stars. Eventually I got smart and started the red star over on the backside and it turned out much better in the end.

luma WMAdd in the eyes to these babies and then the white spots for all of them and we have a batch of Lumas that aren’t half bad if I do say so myself.

luma stars1WM luma3WMThere are a couple more stars for me to buy and paint but overall I am quite pleased with these first four.  For paint I am using Americana Acrylic paint in Berry Red, Petal Pink, Ebony Black, Cadium Yellow and a white, fine point, paint marker. The steps are fairly simple.



  1. Paint the background in the color of your choice. It took several coats for me on the two I did here.
  2. Paint egg like ovals in black for the eyes. My recommendation is to slowly increase the size of the eyes. It is easier to make them larger than smaller.
  3. Once everything is dry add a single dot of white paint.

VOILA! Your very own Lumas. As I complete the other projects for Little M’s bedroom and we put him room together I will start posting pictures of his room. I am making everything from his blanket to his sheets to his curtains and even a clock.

Until then, enjoy and happy painting!


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  1. I was scrolling through The Wednesday Round Up Linky when my 6 year old Super Mario addict peeked over my shoulder “Oooh What are those stars? click on it, click on it!” Guess I will be making a trip to the craft store soon to make some of these, ha ha!


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