Autism: Service Dog Fundraising

I have shared about our decision to pursue a service dog for Big M. Once we made the decision and got all the paperwork submitted I got a phone call from the wonder Karen Shirk. She talked to me a little bit more about our concerns and then told me that we qualified for a service dog and could start fundraising as soon as we received our packet in the mail.

HD and I were beyond thrilled. This started a journey for our family. We didn’t know how long it would take. Some families reported being done a matter of months while others took several years. As I started talking to close family and friends about our goal I was quickly discouraged. I had everyone telling me that it was too much money. We were never going to be able to raise that much. I even had some outright laugh at me and refuse to help us raise the money needed.

We had some very supportive friends who helped to set up a half dozen fundraisers. Out of all the fundraisers I had one turn out successful. We had started fundraising in October. By January I was completely discouraged. I had been attacked after a post in the newspaper. We had one more fundraiser coming up. I had a company generously donate goods to be sold at our event. Our family was deeply humbled at that event when we raised nearly $1,000 in that one afternoon.

Since then we have hit a wall. Not only have we hit a wall fundraising but Big M has started showing some regression. Because of this regression HD and I sat down and critically looked at things. Big M needs this additional help. He needs it in a big way. The regression has been emotionally and behaviorally. So we decided to rearrange finances and save up so that we could put up a little more money towards this fundraising goal.

When I emailed 4 Paws for Ability to find out where we were stood financially I got the best gift a Monday could deliver. I found out that we were just shy of half way to our goal of $13,000. Coupled with the money that we have set aside this means that we need just $3000 more to be able to get a class date to get Big M his service dog. I have launched a $20 drive. We are asking for just a $20 donation to 4 Paws in honor of our son. The donations truly do add up and we will be there in no time!

I encourage everyone to share our story and take a look at the stories of others who are currently in our shoes. Please help us to spread the awareness of just how much good service dogs can do for kids!


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