Ipsy Bags: February and March

I can remember talking a friend of mine a few months ago when we were still in the depths of dark winter. She was excited about this thing she called ipsy. We talked about it more and I learned that for $10 a month you got a small makeup bag full of make up goodies and beauty care. When you signed up you filled out a questionnaire that was designed to help tailor to your likes and dislikes with makeup. What you liked to wear, what brands you liked, what was most important to you and more. I decided that for $10 I was game to try it out myself. Plus by using her referral link I was able to help her earn more points to be able to order free goodies.

With her help I filled out the questionnaire and was on my way. Now I know that most of you may not know me well enough to know this yet, but I don’t wear makeup normally. Maybe once or twice a year do I deem it a special enough occasion for me to wear full on makeup. There are not many more times than that where I will wear any makeup at all and usually its on my eyes. So, why was I signing up for a makeup bag if I don’t like to wear makeup? Who knows. I am pregnant hormonal and trying to go for a little pick me up in the middle of winter. I was also hoping to find something that would convince me to put all the time and effort into putting makeup on everyday.

Two months of bags and the hot pink envelope
Two months of bags and the hot pink envelope

The best part about this bag? It comes in a hot pink, metallic envelope.  Now in all fairness I am probably not the best person to be reviewing a bag like this but we shall push on. The first bag I got included hot pink lipgloss, fake eyelashes, nail polish, blush, and a mask sample.  The first problem? I don’t like hot pink lips. I tend more towards a neutral color on the lips. I also don’t do fake eyelashes. I don’t even like to wear mascara because it can be so fake looking sometimes. The last problem? I don’t wear blush as its fake looking on me. If I do wear something on the cheeks then I go for the browns or bronzers.  So I got a bag with very little that I would actually use. The only color I could not stand was on the lipgloss though. I did feel that the blush was a nice color just not for me. Overall, the bag was worth the $10 and I was extremely pleased with the number of products included in the bag. I decided that it was worth another try.

First months haul
First months haul

The next month had about the same results. The bag included eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick, and a foundation type product. I fell head over heels for the eye liner. Such a bright vibrant blue was right up my alley. The muted natural colors of the eye shadow was also exactly what I would pick out. The foundation while something I do wear was not something that got me super excited and I don’t wear lipstick. Ever. Again the bag and the contents were well worth the $10.

Stock images from ipsy.com. top right image my own
Stock images from ipsy.com. top right image my own

They seem to have excellent customer service when I was signed up with them. I got a tracking e-mail the first order but not one after that. The two months were pretty reliable in shipping and delivery times. Even if you take out the items I wouldn’t ever use I still got more than $10 in my bag so it was never a loss in money. The brands are good brands and sometimes higher end items. They include both sample size and full size products. There are some companies that may not include very many full sized products but I was pleased with the number of full sized products I received in the two months. This bag/box just wasn’t for me personally but they are a good deal and great if you don’t mind being adventurous with your makeup. If you have your set favorites and don’t like to deviate a lot then this isn’t the bag for you. If you are looking for new brands to love this may be a good way to do so. They can introduce you to ones that you never knew existed.


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  1. I just switched to Ipsy from Birchbox and I’m very pleased!


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