Cotton Booty: Neutral-Month One

Here we have the first box in on our grand subscription service series. Cotton Booty sends out cloth diapers and cloth diaper friendly samples each month for those who either want to test out cloth diapering or those interested in expanding their stash.  My dear friend who is currently trying to conceive is using cotton booty to slowly build her stash so that she has a variety of diapers ready to go for her dear bundle without a huge one time up front expense. This is also allowing her exposure to the variety of diaper styles and brands to test out and be able to find what works best for their family.  Check out her story HERE on her vlog on youtube and send her some love!

Cotton Booty customer service has been adequate. They answered all my e-mails within 24 hours and always provided the information requested. I had to e-mail them to get my tracking number for my first box but was assured that my next box shipped would have an automatic e-mail sent out with the tracking information. Their Facebook page has also been helpful and quick to answer any questions they can or point you in the direction needed. Shipping time for the box was excellent because of my location. It took just under a week, including weekends, for the package to reach me from the shipped date.

Now for the exciting part!! What was in my box. . . er. . . envelope?!?!


Opening and revealing the contents
Opening and revealing the contents

This month we had one diaper, one extra, and one sample. The sample is using the term loosely. My box was actually a bag with everything wrapped in tissue paper and the bag was a nice heavy duty plastic shipping bag. My friend got her bundle in a padded mailing envelope.  Either way they both go to the destination in one piece and really didn’t need any other packaging beyond the bag and envelope.  When we opened our packages the bundles were wrapped in tissue paper and a piece of paper was included talking about the three products and giving a retail price. I paid $20.49 for this months bundle and the total retail worth of the bundle was $32.45. Now I did get mine at a discount by using a percentage off code. With out the code I would have paid $24.99 for the same bundle. We both ordered the gender neutral bundle which means that our bundles were the exact same thing. In fact, it seems that the only difference in the bundles is what color you get.


Bundle of Happy Heinys and inserts
Bundle of Happy Heinys and inserts

The diaper of the month was from Happy Heinys and as you can see was a maroon or wine color.  It is a one size pocket diaper. I’ve never used pocket diapers and previously didn’t like the idea of having to stuff a diaper and un-stuff to be able to wash it. Now I will get the chance to actually see what I think of them and try one out. The inside is nice and soft and I was happy to read that you could use it as a swim diaper by simply not stuffing it.  There were two inserts included with the cover as well so we could try it out right away with Little M if we wanted to. Since I have recently unpacked our small stash of cloth diapers we might go ahead and give it a try. Compare brands and styles and such.  This cover is a hook and loop cover which I have not used yet either. All around this diaper will be a new experience for us! It does have the laundry tabs to keep it from hooking onto other items in the wash. I will write up another post once we are able to give it a test drive.


Laundry tabs, front of diaper, leg gusset and inserts
Laundry tabs, front of diaper, leg gusset and inserts

Our extra item was a wet bag in a soft yellow color. I rather like this color and love the size of the wet bag. The problem? It’s a hook and loop closure across the entire top of the bag. Some may like that. I don’t. At all. I don’t want to have to try and rip it open in order to stick dirty diapers in it while traveling. Then have to line it up so there aren’t any bubble gaps in the top.  To me, the product is not worth the $12-13 that it would cost to buy in a store.


The inside and closure of the wet bag
The inside and closure of the wet bag

The sample is for a diaper rash and thrush cream from Motherlove. I would be extremely interested in trying it. Now if only there had been enough included for me to be able to use it more than once or twice. I have yet to open it and check it out. We may be able to get more use out of it that it looks like but right now it looks to be a pretty small sample.  The packaging did look to have some discoloration but after comparing it with my friends packet we discovered that the discoloration was the exact same on both packets. So, it must be the design on the packet.

Overall I was a little disappointed with this bundle. We did get our moneys worth in the diaper alone but for me the two other items were a bit lack luster and while I do like the color of the diaper I did not consider it very neutral. Although my dear HD, and my friend disagreed and thought the color perfectly fine to put on either a boy or a girl. This was one bundle we thought of continuing beyond the three month blog trial but now only time will tell. If we are able to get another discount code I would be more inclined to continue on.


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  1. Jacqui says:

    Thank you for sharing my YouTube channel with your readers! I’m do glad we big decided to get Cotton Booty, I’m with you on the wet bag and Motherlove sample, but I love the diaper and can’t wait to have a little one to put it on!


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