The Diagnosis Journey: Initial Speech

Exploring new ways to play
Exploring new ways to play

When Big M was just a little guy and still our only one he was, as his grandpa put recently, unique. Being a first time mommy I worried about EVERYTHING. By the time he was 14 months old he had already been “failure to thrive” and had bronchitis.  Up until this point his development had been normal. After every appointment I was reassured by the home visit nurse that his learning pattern was just fine. He would excel in one or two areas and drop off in the others. Every visit it rotated which ones were excelling and which had fallen off.

At 12 months I noticed that he wasn’t quite meeting the mark for speech. A couple months later when we had to go back in I asked about it and his speech was rechecked. No improvement had been made so to calm me down (remember first time mommy) the doctor sent in for us to be able to go see a speech therapist with the state early intervention program. Right before Christmas we had our evaluation. I was a nervous wreck. HD couldn’t understand why I was so wound up.

Hanging an ornament
Hanging an ornament

The ladies who conducted the evaluation were extremely nice and explained everything to us and we left with their impressions. The evaluation included asking us questions about various things that Big M could or could not do and then some hands on work with him. They also did some observation as he played around us in the room. Lots of toys in a wide variety were available to him in order to give him the maximum exposure and allow them to hear a wide range of sounds. The evaluators found that Big M was delayed in speech all around. He was boarder line on whether or not he qualified for their program. So we went the conservative route and decided to wait and have him re-evaluated six months later or after we finished the move. The news wasn’t great but better than some other options that could have come up! We left with a list of words that he should be learning and what sounds he was expected to have at various ages.

Up next in this journey will be our experience with the state speech program after our move.


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