Homemade Primavera

This may or may not be pasta primavera. I don’t know if they all qualify as spring vegetables but we use a nice mix of vegetables that we enjoy and and saute them up simmer with a cream sauce and toss it all with cooked pasta.

All the veggies
All the veggies


The first time around I did a homemade cream sauce that turned out pretty good. This time around I was a little tired and didn’t want to stand there and shred the cheese for our own alfredo sauce. Plus we had found my favorite alfredo sauce on sale at the store and had bought a few jars. Neither HD nor I have perfected the art of alfredo sauce yet.

Add in alfredo sauce
Add in alfredo sauce

I do add lots of different herbs when I saute the vegetables. This time around I added more than I can remember but they included, thyme, basil, oregano, garlic, onion and an Italian mix. Yes, I know that the mix includes many of what I added singularly but it just seems to give it a little extra boost. Once all the vegetables are cooked I dump in the alfredo sauce and cover and simmer while the noodles cook. yes I do start the noodles after the vegetables are done that way the vegetables have time to simmer in the sauce before I toss in the noodles. That gives things a bit of a flavor boost as well. Oh and don’t forget some salt. This always seems to need salt even with the store bought sauce. No, it wasn’t just me and my salt craving either. The rest of the family added some salt on their own before I ate.

Toss with noodles
Toss with noodles

What alfredo sauce recipe do you use?



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