Slouchie Beanie



This pattern for the slouchie beanie has been super easy to follow and learn. There is a special stitch in there but after two or three times trying it, I found that it was pretty easy to pick up on. My only regret? Using a little bit of a thicker yarn to try making this with. Otherwise it turned out super cute. I love the variety of color combinations that could be used with this beanie. Stylish and a great easy gift for the teen in your life. It can be customized via the color to be both for a boy and a girl.



Starting to get into the part that slouches.
Starting to get into the part that slouches.

I can’t tell you the yarn I used because I got it second hand for free or in a giant container of craft supplies that I had bought. Honestly I am not sure. They came already rolled into balls and with out the paper on them that normally give information. Granted I could take it to the store and match it up but I haven’t found the need to do this yet. I would recommend using a softer yarn and a yarn that is not so fancy thick. If anyone wants to try it with rainbow dyed yarn please share the pictures! I think this would look awesome in that rainbow yarn.

Find the pattern here from favecrafts!


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