Big M’s Birth

**Warning: Image of a birth at the bottom**


During my pregnancy with my first child in 2010, Big M, I was working. Had a uniform, worked long hours, sometimes had to work at night, the whole shebang. There were a few of my co-workers that I was close to and one was even my labor coach and went with us to birthing classes. She said that the earliest day I could have Big M was Friday the 13th. This was before my due date changed and that is when we thought I would be 37 weeks. I was so certain that this baby would be late that I set that day as my final day of work.  Leaving this job is a bit involved. There was no simple I stop going to work. There were appointments to go to and paperwork to do before I could stop working. Thankfully I completed all of the before Friday.

7 Weeks along
7 Weeks along

Thursday by lunch time I was not feeling good. I chalked it up to being depressed over finishing my paperwork to leave work but hindsight makes me wonder if that was a sign of some sort. I ended up missing my going away party because I fell asleep when I went home to change. My amazing HD talked his work into going to the cafe where my going away was supposed to be and eating lunch there with me. After that I was dropped off at a doctors appointment. I had another NST check because of the positive quad screen from before. With this test I didn’t show in regular or strong contractions at all. They did a physical exam and I was mostly effaced but only around 3 cm dialated. We made plans to look into stripping membranes at the next appointment and I was sent on my way with an appointment for the next week.

Everytime someone asks me what I do to start labor I just smile. That night I asked HD if he was ready to be a daddy yet. I was joking of course as I didn’t think that Big M would come for another 3-4 weeks. See I had been two weeks late and a failed induction baby. HD had been two weeks late as well and an induced, vacuum baby. Add that to this one being a boy and being my first I thought for sure I was doomed. That night got a little hot and heavy and we fell into a sweet slumber.

36 Weeks along
36 Weeks along

I’m not sure when it started but a few hours later I had to go to the bathroom. This repeated several times that night until it was the point that I couldn’t get comfortable and go back to sleep. I remember texting my co-worker and telling her that I was already up because I had to poop but couldn’t She told me to let her know as things progressed and we got closer to needing to be at work. By 5 AM we were at the ER because I couldn’t stand the pain anymore. They decided to admit me an hour later and got the paperwork done then put in an IV and the amazing nurse had pain medicine waiting in her pocket to give me right away.

One of them put me to sleep. I mean I was OUT. I woke up during the peak of the worse contractions and squeezed a hand and fell back asleep. The doctor broke my water and I had trouble following her directions during it because I kept falling asleep. I woke up when they wheeled me into a delivery room and made me move beds under my own power. Within an hour I had to push. It was a good thing my friend was there because poor HD didn’t know what to do when I made a face. She asked if I had to push and then called the nurse in. No more than 30 minutes later Big M made his appearance. I did end up needing stitches as they had made a small cut to keep me from tearing too bad.  I was able to hold Big M right away while they cleaned him up and then about an hour later was able to nurse him.

Cord Cutting!
Cord Cutting!

Overall it was a good first experience. I had a good team that I could rely on and was only in labor for 9 hours.


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  1. Valerie says:

    Congratulations! It’s always funny, in retrospect, how things happen that lead to birth. 🙂


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