Little M’s Birth

With my second son in 2013, Little M, I had planned on a natural water birth. The hospital at that time employed 2 midwives that would attend a water birth as long as there were absolutely no complications. I got switched to them early so we could work together and get to know each other a little bit before I hit full term.

7 week ultrasound
7 week ultrasound

The midwife was confident that I would not deliver before 39-40 weeks and at my last appointment with her sent me on my way with a letter stating that I could fly 5 hours away for a family emergency at 36 weeks. My entire trip I was having contractions all day but that wasn’t necessarily abnormal for that pregnancy. They had just never progressed labor so we ignored them after a while. I got back home late Tuesday. Wednesday we thought I had gone into labor but then it never progressed. Friday I went to Big M’s therapy appointment and while waiting for him I walked around a local store that included groceries and home goods. Part way through I couldn’t walk anymore and HD had to go get me an electric cart to use to get back to the car.

We got home and I ate a bowl of salad. That was the last thing I ate until I got to the hospital. While Big M was napping we had some bedroom time. Afterwards I got up and got stuck in the bathroom because the contractions had started so painfully that I was already almost crying and it was only 20 minutes in. We tried to get in the tub to help things but our tub was too small and just made it worse. HD called the hospital but they didn’t want me coming in because they had not been going long enough.

One month before Little M was born. Photo credit to Samantha Wisdom.
One month before Little M was born. Photo credit to Samantha Wisdom.

I got out of the tub and laid down in bed. After laying down the contractions slowed down a lot and we thought they would stop like they had on Wednesday. I fell asleep only waking up during the strongest contractions. My poor, dear, HD spent that entire afternoon rubbing my back to get me through the minor contractions. At one point I wasn’t able to sleep anymore but we had stopped timing contractions and didn’t realize what was going on.

After a little bit I convinced HD to call an ambulance. I thought something was seriously wrong because my hands, feet and face had started tingling like when you lose feeling. The paramedic arrive, declared me in labor and that she could do nothing for me with out hurting the baby. Best thing at that point was to get to the hospital. They lifted me onto the gurney and I felt the first push but brushed it off as something else. They turned the corner into the hallway and I felt the second push. Paramedic checked me again and she saw a head. We stopped right there in my hallway and two active pushes later HD with the paramedic delivered Little M.

Photo Credit to HomemadeMomy
Photo Credit to HomemadeMomy

Time from start to finish? Labor was only 5 hours long with inconsistent contractions. Those two pushes went less than 10 minutes. Heck, even the two before I actively pushed would still make it less than 10 minutes.


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