So Many Subscription Boxes: Update

You know those moments when you realize that you have forgotten something? Yeah I had one this morning while doing some housekeeping on the blog. I realized that I had yet to post a review of one of the boxes!! So, I will get that put up this week. No really, I actually will this time. As for all the other boxes, well, I will just leave it at if I have received the box I have reviewed it. There are some that I have yet to receive. It’s kinda hard to review a box when you don’t have it yet.  I am told that my last May box will be here SOON. Of course by then I will be starting in on the June boxes but hey, better late than never right?

With all the best laid plans comes some hitches. I’ve had to adjust a few things and cut some others out. As coupon codes and what not popped up we decided to take advantage of some. Of course this now means that we are having to take a months break from signing up for boxes. With this break means that I will have to alter the list of boxes that I was going to try out. With me paying for all the boxes I like to at least get some use out of the boxes that we do choose to get. I also can’t very well tell Pirate M that he has to stay put baking for another month so that Momy can try out a cool box.  All this being said here is an updated list of the boxes!

Beauty and Healthcare

  • Ipsy Make up and beauty products – monthly **DONE**
  • Conscious Box specialty food and beauty products – Round 3
  • Bonjour Jolie period care and pampering – Round 4

Baby and Toddler Products

  • Cottonbooty    Cloth diaper box – Round 1**We ended up taking advantage of a sale and ordering a couple past boxes. Look out for a review of those along with the second box review. Box 2 should be shipping soon!**
  • Bluum Box    baby and toddler products – Round 1**We are still waiting on box 1 to arrive. It should be here by the end of the week**
  • Austin Lloyd infant and toddler toys and books – every month **Rare high value coupon codes made us decide to throw this one in here. It should ship out soon!**



  • Ecocetric Mom Pregnancy and newborn products – Round 1 **Box 1 has shipped out and should be arriving any day**
  • Baby Bump Bundle pregnancy and nursing products – Round 2 **We have had to make the choice to drop Baby Bump Bundles 1 and 2. We may still purchase trimester 3 and the nursing bundle but will evaluate that as the time gets closer.**


  • NatureBox snack food – Round 3
  • Try the World international food – Round 2 **This one has been put on hold for the time being but we will be trying it out**


  • Knit crate knitting box – Round 3
  • Bezel Box jewelry – Round 2 **See as I don’t wear much jewelry and especially not fashion jewelry we have decided to cut this one**
  • Nerd Block collectibles from comics, games, and shows – Round 4
  • Escape Monthly goods from destinations around the world and U.S. – Round 1**We have had to end this box after only 2 months to allow for other boxes. Look for the last review at the end of the month**

Not trying but found interesting


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