Hospital Must Haves? Part 2

Our ramblings about hospital bags got so long that we broke it into TWO parts?! Who knew that there was such a variety of things that people take with them?!?

swaddle blankets

Have your owns baby clothes? Then bring your own swaddle blankets too because they prefer to keep baby swaddled as much as possible. Especially if you have a preference to what is used on baby.

My favorite swaddle blankets are Aden + Anais. **Image from Google search**
My favorite swaddle blankets are Aden + Anais. **Image from Google search**


These will be provided for you in most cases. Some prefer to bring their own comfy brand. I prefer to use the hospital ones that are longer and thicker than what you find in the stores. I have even heard of some moms skipping pads and underwear and taking some Depends with them. While I have never tried it I do like that thought.

**Image from Google search**
**Image from Google search**

hospital gown

Yes these are provided for you. Yes some women prefer the stylish ones that you can buy on etsy or baby boutiques. Yes, you can even make some yourself. *wink wink* Whether or not I will make one is still up in the air. Most likely not though. I will wear what they have and be perfectly fine. Why spend the extra money on something that may or may not be able to be word after the labor? Also, the chances of it getting ruined are higher.

Fancy gowns with matching outfits for the family. This is listed on Etsy at
Fancy gowns with matching outfits for the family. This is listed on Etsy at donnasboutique


Ask the hospital what they provide. Some do and some don’t. Big M did but Little M didn’t. And as always there is the preference factor. I’d say that bringing these just to be safe would be the best option. That way you aren’t disturbing your body’s cleaning routine and you can control what is being put in your skin. The hospital soaps usually aren’t the best stuff around.


Hospitals don’t like you walking around barefoot. If you end up walking during labor or laps with baby afterwards these will be handy. Make them slipper socks and they can help keep the feet warm in bed as well. They also WANT you to keep moving around so being able to throw these on fast isn’t a bad idea. I will be packing some for me!  I’d go with slipper socks personally.

make up

I don’t wear the stuff normally so I obviously won’t be packing this in my bag. Some women won’t let pictures be taken of them without make up on. Hospitals don’t like you wearing makeup during labor and especially not during a c-section. If you are one of these women who just don’t feel complete without the make up then take it with you. Anything to make you feel more human isn’t a bad idea. If nothing else you have it to put on to go home.

hair stuff

Hair ties for during labor are great for the long-haired beauties out there. For the short-haired beauties be sure to have some head bands or something to keep the hair out of your way. Pulling it out of your face will be a blessing. Being able to do your hair in your normal style afterwards will also help with feeling more human. Hair styling products and straighteners or curling irons would be included here. Whatever your hair regimen is. Mine is a brush and a hair tie.

camera and charger

To me this is necessary because I have a camera that is a bit nicer than anything a phone could do.  Besides if you have some one taking pictures for you it would be easier to hand them your camera than to have to try and trade off hundreds of files afterwards. With every electronic you should have a charger. Even if you are only there for 24 hours. You never know how fast things will run out of battery and then that super adorable moment that is picture perfect will hit.

phone and charger

In the day and age of no more pay phones having your cell with you might be a good idea. That way you can let family and friends know of the blessed event. The charger might be good when we don’t know how long you will be in labor or how long Aunt Sally will want to talk to you giving you every piece of advice you never wanted.

labor music

This is something I started to do with Big M but never completed. Many find that having a custom play list of relaxing music really helps during labor. Wouldn’t hurt to try it out. I just keep forgetting it.

daddy snacks

Unless he is willing to go to the cafeteria when it is open and go only off of that. Bring the poor guy some snacks. Especially in case you end up delivering late at night or early in the morning. There may not be anything open for him to grab a quick snack from. It’s also cheaper for you to pack some home snacks rather than have him run down to the nearest convenience store.

nursing bras

It’ll help you out to have a nursing bra to put on if you are going to nurse the little one. I’ve nursed without nursing bras before and don’t do it unless I HAVE too. This isn’t one of those things that is provided to you either. It may even be good to have two sizes in case your milk comes in before you leave.

labor focus item

My focus item is squeezing the life out of HD’s hand. Others choose to have a picture or other such item to focus on while breathing through contractions. Unless you practice breathing while focusing on this item it may not do you much good. If it’s something you want to try for help during labor. Go for it.


To freshen the breath? Give you something to chew in case doctor says no to food? I’m not too clear on why they would say to bring gum. Maybe another sort of focus item?

hard candies

These are recommended because most doctors don’t like you to eat when in labor. Gives you something to suck on while waiting out those long hours until your next meal.


If your doctor does let you eat then bring any preferred snacks to help keep up the energy while laboring. They are also good to have for in between cafeteria meals. I usually have to eat a little something when nursing my babies and know many other moms who have said the same thing. Also good for if you are a late/early delivery and the cafeteria isn’t open. I have almost passed out from needing to eat but not being given the opportunity to. Part of that was because it was so late when I delivered. They were able to find a TV dinner but I would have rather had a HungryMan TV meal than what they gave me.

celebratory drinks

Yes, I have heard of people bring a six pack of beer with them to the hospital for a toast after baby was born. Or wine, champagne, mixed drink of choice. Yes, I have also heard of hospitals that do allow this. It wouldn’t hurt to double check with them just to be sure though. No, I have never participated in this because I have a tendency to start nursing almost immediately.

What did you pack in your hospital bag? What do you wish you would have packed? What could have been left at home?



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