Challenge #2

Tell us about your family extended and immediate.

I hope you cleared the next 36 hours because this could be a long one.

My family means a lot to me. In other words, if anyone thinks about harming a hair on the head of anyone I consider family, they might want to just head for Canada.

So I have my wonderful HD and with him we have 2 opinionated boys, 2 beautiful angel babies, and 1 boy-a-baking (as of the summer of 2014). Of course this is all subject to change as I have threatened to keep having babies until I have a girl to hold in my arms. He says I have one more chance and after that we pursue the adoption of a little girl. I tell him that if he wants to cut me off of kids then he will have to go under the knife. We will see what ends up happening.

My parents had two boys of their own and then came along little, surprise ME! Yep, I am the only girl and the youngest, by a lot.  It’s been an interesting experience to say the least but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! One brother has two beautiful boys of his own that I love to spoil just like a good Aunty should. The other was recently married and maybe soon he will be on the road to having his own kids? There can never be too many babies in a family!

I have numerous cousins, aunts, and uncles that have all left a long lasting impact on me as I have grown up. Many cousins that I keep in contact with and wish I could see more often. For the sake of length and not boring you we will just leave it at that.

My HD’s family has taken me under their wing. We were only married a short time before I flew out alone to meet them. They opened their homes to me and took everything in stride. He has three younger siblings in addition to his wonderful parents. Yes, the youngest child married the oldest child, coincidence? He also has many aunts, uncles and cousins who have welcomed us with open arms. In fact one aunt is sending me cookies that I can no longer find up here. There are many of his cousins that I keep in contact with as well.

As crazy and cooky as our families are. As much as we just can’t stand some of them. They are our family and I, for one, would not have it any other way. For as many days as I wish I could trade them in for a “new and improved” model there are just as many days I wouldn’t trade for the world. We just have had to learn how to handle different things with different people because we are all our own person and have our own opinions.


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