Challenge #3

10 things most people don’t know about you

This may be one of the harder posts for me to complete. There isn’t much that people don’t know about me.

  1. I want to homeschool my kids but haven’t been able to start with Big M because our personalities clash to an extreme right now. Combine this with him being on an IEP for social interactions and living in a state with no support for preschool age and we just aren’t in a good position to be undertaking that adventure. I still gather resources in hopes of one day though.
  2. I went to a private, religious (not catholic), co-ed boarding school for high school. No the girls and boys did not share dorm buildings. There was one for girls and one for boys. I attended all four years but then rebelled and didn’t go to the same college as 80% of my classmates. I did live in the same town as them. Just attended a different school.
  3. I lived for about 6 years in Hawaii when I was younger. I mean really young. Like, Big M’s age. I have never been back but hope to take my family some day.
  4. I physically cannot eat spicy foods. When I was younger I couldn’t eat onions because they were too spicy for me. I can do small pieces of raw onion now but they are still on the spicy side for me.
  5. HD and I only knew each other for 3 months, dated for 1 month, and were engaged for 1 week before getting married. Despite him being from a town that I visited often we had never met before.
  6. I love to watch old game shows and will often turn on the GSN channel just for background noise.
  7. I have a food addiction. A love affair with spaghetti. When I was pregnant with Big M I ate it so often that HD refused to eat spaghetti for several months after that.
  8. I can become obsessed/focused on collecting things to a fault. This gets especially bad with things that come in collections. I just recently was able to get rid of a large portion of my stuffed animal collection.
  9. I am also a little bit of a hoarder. Nothing remotely close to the TLC show but I have a hard time getting rid of things. I easily place sentimental value to random objects and then can’t part with them. I also can’t get rid of things that are part of a collection I’m in the middle of collecting.
  10. I have a horrible time finishing projects. I get overwhelmed very easily and that often happens with crafts and other projects. During really bad times this leads to a few tears and a soaked shoulder for poor HD.

I know some of these may be more well known than others but hopefully you found something that you can connect with and know that you aren’t alone! Or just think that I am some internet crazy. Your choice.




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