Homemade Tortillas

These are absolutely delicious. My only problem is them sticking when using the tortilla press. Also, these end up much smaller and thicker than the store bought stuff. We still use it for everything except homemade tortilla chips. I have found that homemade tortilla chips tend to be a little thicker to begin with so having thick tortillas just makes it worse.

I use a pre-made mixture and just add water when we are ready to make tortillas. The recipe I use for the pre-made mix comes to you from Heart, Hands, Home blog. Check out the link as they have some pretty awesome mixes! I love having the pre-made mixes and then just adding wet ingredients. They are much tastier than the boxed store stuff too.

Dough resting
Dough resting

One very important thing is letting the dough rest. We didn’t do that once and it didn’t turn out so well for us. You also really need to cover the dough when not actively working it because it can dry out pretty quick. Another secret? They say to turn the heat on fairly high but we have found the easiest way to cook them is on the griddle with it on the highest heat setting. Otherwise they don’t cook as fast as they are supposed to. You want them to bubble and be golden brown in spots.

Cooking tortillas
Cooking tortillas

With each time that we try I have found the results to be better. One thing that is consistent? Best tasting tortillas unless you go to Mexico or have a Hispanic friend who grew up making them.  These are the third best thing though.


What is your favorite Mexican food?



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