Escape Monthly May Box

**This is my honest opinion of the box. I was not compensated for this review and purchased the box with my own money.**

I do apologize for not taking more pictures and for not getting this up sooner. I plead mommy brain and being rather busy. SO without further ado I bring to you one of the boxes I was most excited about. The Escape Monthly box.

Escape Monthly sends to you a box full of assorted goodies with a theme for $49.95 and FREE shipping. The theme is based on specific locations both international and within the U.S. In April the box was Mexico and May the box was California wine country. May is the box I received.

The box was shipped on time and  I got it within a week of it being shipped. It came in a cute shoe box that was bright blue. Inside included cards that told you about the box contents and what the retail value is. All boxes, every month includes a travel book pertaining to the location, snacks and other assorted goodies made in the location.

Box contents
Box contents

Our box contained a snack bag size of egg white chips, a bar of soap, hand cream, sea sponge, poppy seeds to plant, granola, cactus water, and dark chocolate truffles.  Even though I did not like everything included someone in the family did. The only thing that will go unused in the box are the flower seeds because of our growing season and such.

Personally I did not try the cactus water and egg white chips. HD got to those before me. He fell in love with the egg white chips and would eat them all the time if I kept them in the house. He said that the cactus water was okay and different but not amazing. The sea sponge is not something that I use but the kids love to play with it. The texture is great sensory toy for Big M! I was not fond of the granola flavor (cinnamon clusters) but Little M ate it and then told me off for not having more. Mom tested, kid approved? I liked the truffles even though the flavors were not ones I normally pick. If we ever wanted to order more they do have flavors I would want to try which included a green tea flavor. I did appreciate that the flavors were not ones you normally hear of. The truffles were also dark chocolate and vegan!! The soap is just another bar of soap to me. I’m not a soap expert at all but it works and doesn’t smell horrible. It also does not cause me to break out. That’s a win in my book! I am in LOVE with the hand cream though. It claims to be a green apple scent which I do not smell. It doesn’t smell like anything to me beyond a beauty cream. Works great and doesn’t take much to see results. The cream is also certified organic. Double win!

Now retail wise this box was not exactly worth it. The book makes up such a large portion of the cost of the box that if you discount the book then you don’t get your money’s worth. At least with the May box that is how it worked. Even though most of our box was put to good use or enjoyed by someone in the family we did not find the box one to be overly excited about. We are giving the June box a try but have decided to cancel after that. We feel that our $50 could be put to better use on other projects or boxes.

Would I recommend this one? I honestly would say to give it a try. May be it fits your needs better than mine. You do get $50 or more worth of products and it is a well rounded assortment from a variety of places. June box is coming to us from Las Vegas. Can’t wait to see what they came up with for Vegas Baby!

**This is my honest opinion of the box. I was not compensated for this review and purchased the box with my own money.**


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  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    This box looks amazing!

    – KW


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