My Blogging Commitment

After reading a few articles I decided to put this out there. I read about a Mom who was discontinuing her blogging journey because it was taking up too much time and away from the family. I saw pins about what you need to do on a daily basis to promote your blog. I’ve read series on using these multiple platforms to promote and how to best use them. Articles on how to use Google search engine to your best interest and what sites to use to analyze your data and ensure growing numbers and best posting times.

I do not blog to make money and I will not ever blog to make money. This is not and will never be a part time job for me. The only thing I would ever consider would be receiving products to review, if I had time. I do have to-do lists for the blog. Ideas and lists and a folder on my computer dedicated to pictures for the blog. I am doing some things specifically for the blog that I may not have done if it were not for the blog. Hear this though, my commitment is to my family first, my friends second, and then somewhere down the line of the top ten comes the blog.

Sunset Scenery
Sunset Scenery

For the past little while I have been able to publish one blog post a day. Before that I was going 3-4 a week. I hope to be able to keep it up but I may not be able to. It may come down to a period where I can only pull off one a week. This is because I will not sacrifice time with my family to write or manage a blog. I got a lot done this weekend because the kids played outside and hubby was BBQing out while they played. I took advantage and participated in several link up parties HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. Check out the hosting bloggers and the link up parties. They are pretty awesome.

I will not be quitting the blog. I will keep going no matter what as long as HD is behind me doing this. The number of posts per week and how in depth the posts are will vary. This is just your up front warning. If you want a more professional blog, one that posts multiple times a day, one that has all these featured companies then this is not your blog. I blog when I can around my families schedule but will never post more than one post per day. I will only review what I am interested in. This may result in some random posts but that’s what life is about.

Replica of a Native statue
Replica of a Native statue

Embrace the spontaneity.


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  1. I’m totally with you on this. Blogging will never be a job. I enjoy it. Won’t ever take money to post something, but I will (& have) for sure take products for review.


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