Ecocentric Mom May/June Box

When I first signed up I was slightly unsure of what to think about this box. I liked the idea but it could go wrong or flop in so many different ways. Let’s start this one off with a bang by saying that I was very pleasantly surprised. There was a week time frame that the box would ship out and mine shipped towards the end of that frame but arrived in less time than I thought it would take. Win!

Ecocentric Mom focuses on eco-friendly products and organic or natural products. They have a choice of three boxes a mom box, a mom-to-be box and a baby box. They only ship out every other month but when available they do offer bonus boxes that you can purchase that get sent out on the off month. The price of the subscription is only $25 every other month. So they only charge you on months that you will be receiving a box on. The bonus boxes range in price and the June box was $40 and they even offered a mini box for $20. The bonus boxes are limited so not all three types of boxes are available every time. This month it was a Mom box and I did sign up for it so be on the look out for my post of the June bonus box.

Just opened
Just opened

The box was just a plain brown box but once you open it you see the pretty pink tissue paper with the heart symbol for the company. The cards included tell you all about the companies and shops featured in the box along with coupon codes for the participating shops. They do include items from Etsy shops which I thought was awesome. The other card includes tips for mommy life. I really enjoyed both cards despite the smaller font.

Tip card
Tip card

This May/June box included almost a dozen different products both in full size, travel size and trial size. There were snacks, make up, and beauty products in this mom-to-be box.


I was pleased with not only the number of products but the variety of products as well as the sizes included.  This box included so much more in retail, even with them being smaller sizes, than what I paid for in the box. I am excited for my next box in July and even more excited for this bonus box.

info cards on the shops and comapnies
info cards on the shops and companies
Opening the tissue paper
Opening the tissue paper


The products this month were a sitz bath mix, cookies, candies, shampoo bar, body cream, deodorant, eye shadow, skin nectar and more.

Everything smells wonderful and tastes good. I haven’t used the beauty products yet but I am excited to try them out. The candy flavor was chocolate caramel and can be found in Target stores. They are worth every penny. I may end up buying a bulk box of them and hiding them in the closet away from the family.  The bath herbs are being saved for after I give birth and the deodorant and such will be in my hospital bag. Since I am delivering at yet another new hospital I don’t know what they have or what I will need there. July is when I go visit and find out some more about the hospital.




I am very excited about the eye shadow because it has minimal, I think 3, ingredients and is a loose powder shadow which is my favorite type. After some long talks with HD I will be starting to try and wear more makeup so keep an eye out for what I think of them. I also found out that the company does a glam box of their own. The box contains 3 eye shadow colors that are considered limited edition. I may be looking into a couple months of that to build up my color variety.


I would absolutely recommend trying this box out if you like the natural or organic products. If that isn’t important to you I would still try the box out because the value this last month was outstanding. My fingers are crossed that this trend holds steady and this may be one of the few boxes that we keep doing beyond this original trial period.


**This is my honest opinion and review of the box and company. I was not compensated in any way for the review of this box**


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