Bluum Box: May Box

Bluum box is a subscription box that sends out monthly boxes with goodies inside for your growing little ones. They offer boxes from pregnancy to age 5. The boxes start at $24.95 a month and go down if you sign up for a multiple month subscription. The shipping is typically free but some locations do have a $6 a month shipping fee.

So many things have gone “wrong” with this box. I apologize that it is mid-June and I am just now even writing a review for the May box. This is in part that I didn’t even receive my May box until June 7th.  The issues didn’t begin there though. They began back when I received the e-mail with my tracking number and I saw that it was going to take 21 days for my box to make it to me.

I sent an e-mail inquiring as to why my box was taking longer than the website stated 2-10 days as well as why the box was sent vis Fed-Ex smart post rather than the USPS. After being brushed off and assured that my comments were being forwarded to head management I ended up calling them out on brushing me off. They were telling me that because of my location it may take longer despite what their website says. I received an apology for being brushed off and an offer of a discount code that would equate to free shipping on my next subscription order. The only answer I received concerning Fed-Ex Smart Post was that they ship some boxes that way as it is the best way to ensure that we receive our boxes. Considering I am having to pay for shipping because of my location, others are free shipping, this was not a good answer for me. When several other boxes give me free shipping and better shipping times, I am not happy with their answers thus far. My last e-mail concerning shipping never did get answered and my June box that ships out soon will also be sent Fed-Ex Smart Post.

Now on to the box. It came in all of it’s bright red splendor. I guess when your box is going to be taking 21 days to arrive at its destination it no longer needs to be sealed shut because mine was not taped. It does close like a shoebox but that does not excuse them not sealing it at all.

The outside of the box.
The outside of the box.

Inside they include a card that tells how to refer friends as well as what age level your box is for. Mine was a 2nd trimester box as you can see. Keep that in mind now, second trimester, also keep in mind this tidbit of information I received very recently. I was told that the mission behind the Bluum box was to bring products to Mom’s that they might not have heard of and might not be able to get where they live.

Information card
Information card

Once you lift away the card your goodies are revealed! Packed all nice and cushy in the brown crinkle paper. Not bad packing honestly. Now I already knew what I was going to be getting because I sent them an e-mail concerning it after seeing some others talking on the Facebook page about how they saw a preview of the box.  I did not have that preview so I got it e-mailed to me instead.

Bluum May 3

I received an aerosol spray can of dry shampoo, a book listing out 100 Foods for Pregnancy, a small box of Preggie Pop Drops, and an organic cloth baby toy. From what I understood the dry shampoo was something that most everyone got this month. It seems high end and like something that could be useful but was also half the retail worth of the box. The organic toy was super cute and I wanted to love it to pieces. It’s hard with no easy way for baby to grasp it and is all cloth so it is undecided if it can be used as a teething toy as was recommended.


The book was interesting and had information about the different foods as well as one recipe for each food. The foods were divided on what would be best during which trimester as well as post-partum. I appreciated that. Some where a little unrealistic like free-range eggs but overall it was a helpful little book.

I won’t go into my thoughts on them sending Preggie Pop Drops. Ok, maybe I will. They sent this in a 2nd trimester box. I would expect this in the first when majority of woman are experiencing morning sickness not at the end of when most experience morning sickness. Yes, some woman as far along as I was are still heaving up what little they can eat but I always thought of this time as one to be pampered and reassured that your not a whale and help make things more comfortable with the ever expanding belly. These are also fairly common. Granted first time moms might not know about these gems yet but they are not hard to find, just look at Target or WalMart or your local drugstore or baby boutique. Point is they are not hard to find. In my OPINION these do not fit the Bluum mission of sending hard to find products to moms.

Because I was so unimpressed with the box I was offered a few choice to try and make up for it. They offered a discount on July (not June) OR an additional product in July OR a significant discount on my next subscription period. I obviously did not take the subscription period discount as we will under no circumstances be renewing this box. Instead of dealing with a partial refund we opted for the free product in July.

So was this box worth it? Dollar for dollar yes. You got twice as much in retail as you paid in the box. Actually? A big fat resounding NO!! If I could cancel the rest of the subscription I would have. Sadly, they charge you a $25 cancellation fee if you have a multi-month subscription which meant that I pretty much would get no money back from them. I might as well just leave it be and at least get the boxes from them. I just know to drastically lower my expectations from now on.

The company had numerous good reviews earlier in the year, it wasn’t until recently that they just dropped the ball and have had quite a few complaints concerning both the boxes and the quality of customer service. I’m hopeful that they really do get things back to where it used to be pre-merger. Yes, I have a referral link in case you wanted to give them a try for yourself. No, I am not going to post it. I will say that the older kids boxes seem to still be holding their own through all this so if you have a little one 3-5 years old they may be worth it.


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