Challenge #5

Favorite Starbucks drink.

This changes several times a year. I guess it really depends on my mood. Last summer one of the barista’s flipped my world upside down. I asked him what he could make with out coffee. He said anything on the menu. I almost gave him a hug.

Since then I have become quite fond of the caramel ribbon crunch drink that they have, without coffee of course. Before that I enjoyed the strawberries and creme frap as well as their shaken iced tea lemonade, passion fruit, sweetened. There have been a few seasonal favorites as well that I cannot remember the names of now. During the fall season when they have their pumpkin flavor I like to get a pumpkin flavored chai tea.

Right this very minute though I am partial to italian creme sodas, no whipped cream. I’m not sure that Starbucks carries those so it’s a little off topic. Fresh donuts and a watermelon italian creme soda sounds divine right now!

No it's not Starbucks but it's the next best thing!
No it’s not Starbucks but it’s the next best thing!

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