Prideful Makeup

It has taken a while for me to swallow my hurt feelings and become ok with what happened. I’m still not completely there but we are actively working on it.

When I was away on my mommy-cation and visiting friends we went to the mall. Three times, but I digress. One store at the mall is a Sephora. As a pick me up for her one day we went to Sephora and had the free color match done. This is where they evaluate your skin with the handy dandy camera type thing and it gives you matches for every single brand of foundation that Sephora caries.

At her request I had my match done as well. Then, because she had never seen me in foundation, I let them put a trial of foundation on me as well. Despite warning her, she was amazed at the difference that just a little foundation made in my appearance. All in fun and games I sent a picture to HD. He fell in love with it. A normal reaction. He always said that he liked me with make up on. I then did a trial of some mascara they had at Sephora that was supposed to be hypoallergenic. Of course HD was never able to tell what additional makeup I put on, just that he liked it.

One thing led to another and we ended up having a conversation about make up. Previous to this I would only wear makeup on special occasions. Very special occasions. Meaning once or twice a year. HD expressed that he would really like for me to start wearing makeup on a daily basis. Nothing over the top (THANKFULLY) but some basic light makeup.

This hurt. I cried over it. (pregnant much?) I was really upset that after so many years of thinking that he didn’t mind me with no makeup I come to find out that he prefers it when I wear makeup. Am I not pretty enough naturally for him? Does he not actually support my stance on makeup? I hated wearing a lot of makeup. It doesn’t take a lot to be too much for me either. To me it was wearing a mask and hiding your true face from the world. Why hide yourself? Why couldn’t we accept people for who they naturally were? I also hate the women who would rather be hours late to a function or skip doing some errands because they will not leave the house without their makeup. I realize that not everyone who wears makeup is like this. Awesome for those who are not but there are many out there who are so stuck on this multi-step skin care routine followed by multiple layers of heavy makeup.

Makeup has become such a norm in today’s society that it isn’t often you will see people on camera or in magazines without some sort of makeup on. You can’t turn around without seeing products touting age defying, wrinkle shrinking, skin brightening, pore reducing and many other various benefits. Why can’t we age normally as our genes and nature intended? What is wrong with growing older? Doesn’t age yield wisdom? Look at the native cultures. They value their elders instead of trying to hide the wrinkles and sags they embrace them. Don’t even get me started on all these surgeries and Botox and such. Like the reality show where bride-to-be’s competed for a chance to get cosmetic surgery of her dreams before her wedding. Just disgusting.

Obviously I have swallowed my hurt feelings and made an effort to start wearing makeup more often for HD. May be this is a step towards staying connected as a couple? We all have to make sacrifices and this is one that I can do to make my husband a happier husband. We do agree, more or less, on what is too much makeup. He does want to see me in foundation which I would rather go without. Otherwise we agree on a sheer layer of foundation and light eye makeup. No eyebrow coloring. Eyeliner is optional. Right now I am playing around with eyeliner but like that I don’t have to wear it everyday to make him happy.

I am going for brands and products with as little added stuff as possible and only the bare minimum skin care, cleanser and a lotion. So with this expect to see some posts every now and then about beauty tips and makeup.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. tonya f says:

    I think you’re beautiful with and without. You’ve got such lovely skin & I like that you know what you do/don’t like for youself. Compromise is good. 🙂


  2. Breanna :) says:

    Mikey feels this way about my hair (and occasionally makeup). Wear what you want to wear and when you feel like it. You always look amazing when you come in PLUS right now you have that natural glow 🙂


  3. Wendy says:

    While compromises in a marriage are needed, being true to yourself is important to. I wear makeup most days, and he likes when I do. I do it because I feel better, but he knows there are days I don’t. You are beautiful no matter what!


  4. Vanessa says:

    I love the Clinique three step system cleanser, toner and lotion.


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