Challenge #6

Body image in the media.

Excuse me while I go laugh so hard that I pee myself, start puking and probably induce a few contractions as well. When it comes to the media and body image I despise it with such a fiery passion that I cannot even put into words how I truly feel.

Sorry to say that this will be a short post but I have not very much to say on the subject. The media is to blame for young girls idolizing certain body images. When they are touting the new plus size models who wear a size 12-16 they aren’t helping the matter as they claim to be. They push the make up, the skinny chick, the fad diets and surgery procedures to the point that our society is sick from it. The actresses that our girls are supposed to be looking up to pay thousands in beauty routines and fashion to stay up to date and gorgeous. The other part of this? It is apparently bad to look older. Women are constantly chasing after the latest and greatest products that will help them look younger.  Take a look at the reality show that thankfully only aired for one season.

The idea that you would compete to be able to get plastic surgery to look perfect for your wedding day just goes to show how sick people are. The countless articles every week on news stands from both tabloids and reputable publications that tout the weight and diets of various celebrities. The hordes of commercials on TV for Weight Watchers, Atkins, Jenny Craig and many more. It doesn’t stop there. Lets not forget the ads for hair removal devices, blemish cream, target spot fixers, wrinkle repair, cheek plumpers and I could go on for days with the list. Women are bombarded and brainwashed into thinking they are not good enough. We don’t help our friends out either. The scorn received from other women because they don’t fit in with the mainstream thought of beauty is rampant. I myself have been a victim of this multiple times.

I can only hope to raise my daughters (I WILL HAVE SOME!!) to be self confident enough to be able to ignore these misconceptions of beauty. In the day and age of media running amok it’s hard. I will not shelter the kids from media because that is just unrealistic.

No, this is not limited to my girls either. Men face the same sort of thing with the protein shakes and thoughts that washboard abs are necessary along with the super cut muscles. They too have battles with being too skinny or too large or not  defined enough. Who can lift the most weight, perform the most pushups or swim the farthest with the most extra weight on them? I hope my boys grow up with the same self confidence I hop to instill in my girls. I hope they all grow up knowing that mainstream thoughts on body image are broken and not everything touted out there is necessary to be healthy for their body type.

Yes, weight does matter but only when you become so over/under weight that you are making yourself sick and developing other health problems because of it. Otherwise, society can stuff it.


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