Austin Lloyd June Box

I recently received this box. I know I know, I’ve been slacking a bit but between kids, house, and everything else we have been a bit busy.

Austin Lloyd June
Austin Lloyd June


This is a box I was most excited to receive. The company is Austin Lloyd and they put together boxes for kids newborn to 3 years. The box cost is $50 a box and you can choose between monthly boxes or every other month. What makes them slightly different from Citrus Lane and Bluum is that the boxes are all toys that don’t use batteries. I believe every box contains a book as well.

Austin Lloyd 13-18 months
Austin Lloyd 13-18 months

I love that they theme their boxes and their boxes actually stick to the theme fairly well. Our box for June was for LittleM’s age range of 13-18 months. I absolutely LOVE the toys he was sent. The box arrived on time. The customer service from Austin Lloyd has been prompt and helpful. We only had one hiccup but once I contacted them they took a full report as part of an ongoing problem they are trying to resolve. The only complaint I have had this month was that the toys in the box could have fit in a box half the size of what they sent and there was no stuffing to keep the contents from sliding around. Nothing was damaged or defective though.

Austin Lloyd
Austin Lloyd

They do personalize each box with the child’s name and include a card about how to be able to donate your toys back once the kids are done with them or if there are toys they didn’t particularly like. This donation program is another thing that drew me to them. I love that they give back and help their customers to give back as well.

June box was a little light with only three toys and a book but the retail value of the contents was still more than $50 as one of the toys retails for $30 by itself. Let me tell you, we have already gotten $30 worth of play out of that toy and we have only had it about a week. I would have never guessed that something so simple would entertain my kids for so long and be the subject of multiple fights. The three pegs  slide in and spring out. That’s it. That simple.

Austin Lloyd June4

The owl is weighted on the bottom. It can spin around and rock back and forth bouncing up when knocked over. They haven’t shown a ton of interest in the owl but we are keeping it for PirateM. It is simple and brightly colored enough to catch his eye and the bounce back feature will be great for him early on.

Austin Lloyd June3

The other thing that my two fight over? This other toy that can be used as shovels, strainers, catchers for the included ball. They are free to use their imagination and boy do they ever. Well, as much as BigM can at this point. That’s what I love about these open ended toys. They can be whatever he wants and encourages such play. LittleM just loves the ball but hey that still makes it a winner!

Austin Lloyd June6

The book has a catchy cadence and rhyme. It reminds me of the Eric Carle books like Polar Bear Polar Bear. They have the kids guessing what kind of feet are being featured on each page. This book also encourages movement and dancing with it.

Austin Lloyd June5

Overall I would say this box was worth it. Some dislike that this box contained only 4 items for $50 but I also look at it from the point of view that you are usually getting higher end toys and they are battery free toys. Both of which can often be hard to find. If high quality and battery free are important to you then I would HIGHLY recommend this box. The downside to me is that they only go to age 3.



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