Challenge #7

5 reasons to be happy.

I could throw out the generic answers of health, life, love, family, kids blah blah blah. Sometimes those deep and meaningful lists turn into mindless drivel as everyone and their grass uncle has a similar list. (SIDE NOTE: where did the term “grass uncle” come from?) Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for all of those things and do think that I and others take them for granted on a daily basis but I don’t want this to end up as some generic list that is overdone.

With that, hang on for the ride. This’ll be an interesting and possibly controversial one.


1. Death: I told you to hang on for the ride! Hear me out on this one, death is terrible. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone or any family. I have been through the death of several family members both old and young. None of them were easy. One thing they did do? They brought the family together. While we still had our disagreements and there were fights and arguments over various things, we had just as many moments of bonding. From cooking to crazy sleep deprived runs to breakfast to massive card games. Death helps people to realize what is important and brings them closer together is a way that could not be achieved before. Death brings out those long lost, dusty memories of pure joy and happiness.  Be happy for the change that was brought on by the tragedy.

2. BigM being diagnosed with Autism: So many tears, so much blood, so much sweat has been shed leading up to and since the diagnosis. Countless items have become victim to BigM’s outbursts from baseboard heaters to dishes to toys and art projects. With all of his intensive therapies we have come to realize some awesome things about BigM that might have otherwise been overlooked. He is insanely bright and if we can find the right help for him he will be able to skip grade levels academic wise. We have also found out more about ourselves as parents and people that we may have never realized. If I hadn’t learned to speak up and fight for my children we may have not gotten the early help for LittleM that eventually led to a necessary surgery. Be happy for these struggles that bring out things you might have never known otherwise.

3. Living thousands of miles away from family: There is nothing wrong with being near family and being able to see them a lot and get help when needed. A part of me is envious of that at times. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be near family either. HD and I have conversations about trying to move closer to family from time to time. I am happy that we aren’t near family though. This meant that we have had no where to run to when we get in fights. We have no one to run to when we have problems. Granted they are a phone call away and we do call for help at times. Them being able to give advice over the phone is very different from being able to physically be there though. We had to establish ourselves as a couple and family and figure out how to make things work on our own. We have had to find creative ways to have date nights because there is no built in babysitter. We have to get our stuff fixed and choose our own decor and do everything on our own. Many times have I wished we could have help but in the end I am happy we haven’t.

4. Game shows: My kids like game shows and I like game shows, what more could a parent ask for? They aren’t all bad for the kids to watch as long as we stay away from Baggage and Family Feud. I normally just have it on in the background but every once in a while we will watch Price is Right and Let’s Make a Deal. I don’t know why we look forward to them so much but we do and they make all of us happy. Now when we need a big dose of game shows we turn on the Game Show Network. They play reruns of old game shows that are great to see as a blast from the past for me and even better for the boys to watch!

5. My new bathroom decor: Who wouldn’t be happy about redecorating? Our bathroom is still so bright and fresh looking. As much as I loved the previous decor of penguins I am happy to be able to have a fresh new look in the room. We kept a similar color scheme but were able to make it so relaxing and less cartoon. Do you know how hard it is to find cute penguins that aren’t cartoons?! Now I smile every time I walk into the bathroom.


What are some reasons for YOU to be happy?


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