Pirate blanket

Finding a reasonably priced pirate set for a nursery that was lighthearted and playful has proven to be difficult. Anything we did find wasn’t being shipped to my location or wanted outrageous shipping charges. I ended up finding the most adorable fabric during a random stop at Joanne’s. Don’t you love those random stops? They are so much fun! I sat there for an hour or so making plans for a blanket for PirateM. I got one of the fabrics that we had not seen at other Joanne stores and walked out excited for the blanket.

New fabric we ended up choosing.
New fabric we ended up choosing.

Once I was home, HD and I went to our local Joanne’s to pick up fabric to finish off some of my projects.  We ended up walking out with very different fabric than originally planned. After I got home and started doing a layout of how we wanted to the blanket to be I ended up pulling out other fabric that I had stashed away from various other projects and the project GREW.  We went over and over and over different layouts with different  fabrics.  In fact, we went through at least 9 different layouts before I got on the computer.

The many layouts we went through and tossed out.
The many layouts we went through and tossed out.

I found a design that I fell in love with. Armed with a cutting mat and paper and pen I figured out the dimensions that I would need for the size of blanket I was going to make. I cut it out, promptly falling in love with my friends cutting mat and rotary tool, and got it all laid out to sew. I did make a small mistake and forgot to add in seam allowances but in the end it turned out perfect!

Pirate Blanket 1 WM

There is enough of the fabric we chose for a back for me to make a second one and HD wants me to whip up a second one but that can come at a later time. I got a blanket for PirateM done BEFORE he was born. That is what counts, right?!

Pirate Blanket 2 WM

Since I used a thicker fabric on the back I didn’t put anything in the middle, in between the front and back. I just sewed the two together. It’ll be warm enough for in the house and when we go out he is going to end up pretty bundled up because of the weather so there is no need for a super heavy blanket.


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