Escape Monthly June Box

Escape Monthly is one of those boxes that has not disappointed us at all. The customer service has been amazing the box contents ave been true to what the company claims and they have been fun to experience.  This hasn’t been a box to absolutely WOW us either. The first box talked about Hollywood in the previews but actually ended up being California wine country. The second box talked about high end Las Vegas spas but was more just generic Vegas gift shop trinkets. Even at the discounted price we were paying, we felt that our money was better spent on other boxes. With that being said I did cry a little when we saw that the next destination was to India. Not enough to re-start the subscription but I am disappointed to not be able to review an international box for you.

June Box WM

With that being said, on to the contents of the June Escape Monthly box. They did a good job of packing the box so that noting ended up broken.  Inside the box was a shot glass, deck of playing cards, body scrub, toffee candy, calming spray, nail file, wine stopper and the ever present travel book. The company is now offering an alternative box that is cheaper, contains fewer items and does not include a travel book. We have no plans right now to try that box out but you never know with me having pregnant woman hormones.

Shot glass, toffee, body scrub, nail file
Shot glass, toffee, body scrub, nail file

In the emails leading up to this box they had talked about pampering with luxurious spa products. May be my expectations were set too high but I am missing the luxury and pampering. We don’t drink very much alcohol and when we do it isn’t wine so the wine stopper in the shape of a die does us no good. We don’t do shots at home so the shot glass may end up in my baking cupboard or gifted away this holiday season. The toffee, which is supposed to be shaped like Nevada, was good but not anything amazing that we hadn’t had before. Hands down it was probably the best item in the box.  Second best was the nail file because I needed one and keep forgetting them at the store. I’m a little leery of the charcoal body scrub. I have it in the bathroom to try out but I’m not sure if I actually ever will or not.

Calming mist, playing cards, wine stopper
Calming mist, playing cards, wine stopper

Retail value the box added up and was more than what you would pay for it. They did a better job this month than last of giving you bang for your buck. I would say they are worth a try for a month or two to see what you think of the box but for my family, we decided to invest in other boxes and companies at this time.


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