Everything That Isn’t

It has been FAR too long since I sent out an update. For that I apologize. This is going to be a painfully short and vague post but I thought I would send something out there to let you guys know that I am still alive and haven’t given up on ya’ll or this blog.

We have had visitors in town and have been busy showing them the sites. This included a couple road trips that were several hours in length. During one of these trips I had one kid end up with a trip to the ER and my poor HD got sick then I got sick. BigM has been having a rough few weeks with all the changes in routines. We did get a phone call about the new specialist and now are getting ready to go BACK on a road trip to see this specialist.

The cherry on top? I’ve had to start fighting with a provider and our insurance and medical clinic over paying for a procedure that was performed on LittleM over a year ago. Oh and I hit 35 weeks pregnant today. Things have been strangely quiet on the contraction front compared to the previous boys.

So there is my two-ish weeks in a nutshell. I did do some light social media stuff on Twitter and Facebook today so be sure to check that stuff out. Tomorrow is going to be another rough day for me as I am still not feeling 100% from being sick but I am hoping to do some more background work on the blog and hopefully get these pictures and box reviews up for you if nothing else!

Exciting plans are being made for some more changes on the blog and I will be working to try and update the site and posts as I am able. Keep your eyes peeled!!


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