Bluum June Box

Bluum June Box

Yes, this review is a bit late. That’s what happens when the box doesn’t come until July 5th and then you have family visit for 3 weeks. Not to mention that I am so pissed off at the company I don’t even want to put anything out there because that is still giving them publicity even if it is negative.  The last time I looked, granted that was several weeks ago, they had still refused to update their shipping information to reflect the fact that shipping to some locations does indeed take longer than 10 days. Every. Single. Time. While everyone gets their box free of shipping and within 10 days some people will have to pay extra for shipping and have it take 14 days LONGER. Yet the company refuses to update information or try to find a fix to the problem. The cherry on top is that their customer service is horribly slow and not helpful at all. I thought they might get better once we were a couple months out from the merger but they haven’t.

At least the box was sealed this time.
At least the box was sealed this time.

Now on to the box I received. This was supposed to be a 3rd trimester box. The box did better this time around at sticking to the “age” range that it was supposed to target. I was still severely underwhelmed by the box though. I received 2 books, a pacifier, a hand print keepsake kit, and a freezable snack.

One book was from the same publishing company as the first book I received. It was also virtually the same book. One month I received a book about the 100 best foods for pregnancy and this month I received a book about the 50 best foods for you. I received these books in consecutive months. That’s all that I will say about that.

The food book this month.
The food book this month.

The pacifier was a $2 very well known brand of pacifier with a sticker on the bag boasting that they can be found at Wal*Mart. I don’t subscribe to these boxes to receive Nuby brand products that you can find at any big box store you sneeze at. This is not an uncommon product. This is not an unknown brand. This is not an unknown style of pacifier nor is it some sort of fancy in any way.

The freezable snack was actually an interesting idea from a company that I have not heard of before. Unfortunately, it took so long for my box to reach me that the food product has 5-7 left before it expired. I don’t know what the shelf life is supposed to be like on these things but sending me a product that is within 2 weeks of its expiration date was not acceptable.

Note the expiration date...
Note the expiration date…

The second book was a little weird but I did like the hand print kit. Even if it is a brand you can find commonly. I didn’t look into the hand print kit at all so I can not say one way or the other. Overall this box was a mild improvement over the first box but not enough to convince me to keep up with the subscription in anyway, shape, or form. Which is sad because all the videos on Youtube that I have seen of the preschooler boxes look like decent boxes worth the time and effort. After my experience with them thus far I refuse to even keep trying with a box for the older boys. I’ll find a different company that is more reliable and helpful.

Bluum June 4WM
Nuby pacifier to the right

Monetary wise the box was worth more than we paid for it. I still would not recommend this company to people. The only way I would say to consider it was if you have preschooler aged kiddos. Then proceed with heavy caution.


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