Love With Food July Box

Love With Food July Box

This box was not on the list. That list has changed so much that I have all but thrown it out the window to be honest. As I look into some boxes we decided they weren’t something we wanted to try right now and others have come to our attention that may be new or ones that we didn’t see before. Sadly there have been very few boxes that I felt were worth keeping. So far we have three and this new-to-the-list box is one of those three.

Honestly I picked up this box because I came across it on the Subscription Box Mom blog with a discount code to get the first box for only $2 shipping. When you are trying out different boxes who can pass something like that up? Especially when it is food of this level. Love With Food offers snacks that are more on the healthy side of things, organic, non-GMO and those sort of things. They have a theme each month and for every box bought they donate food to a charity that helps feed those who need help.

The envelope it came in, the shrink wrapped box, the initial view and the information card that was inside.
The envelope it came in, the shrink wrapped box, the initial view and the information card that was inside.

I got this box as a surprise in the mail. After my tracking number had sat at not leaving the shipping company for over a week I sent an e-mail to the company asking what was going on. Two days after that e-mail the box showed up in my mailbox! I’m not quite sure what happened but I got my box so I’m happy. The company did reply that they saw on their end that my box never got shipped and a replacement box would be sent out promptly. I let them know that my box did show up in my mail box and am hoping they saw the e-mail before sending out a replacement box to me. The food in it was perfect size to use as snacks on our trip that we were leaving on that same day. Granola bars and lunch box sized bags of other goodies were great ways to sample.

So many information pages and coupons, an instagram contest, initial food view.
So many information pages and coupons, an instagram contest, initial food view.

The best part of this box? Everything inside of it got a thumbs up approval from BigM, our extremely picky eater. In fact, I didn’t get a chance to try everything because he ate it before I could sneak a bite. In the end that doesn’t bother me because all the food was eaten by someone.  I did see a sneak peek of the next box for August which is themed “carnival”. If it wouldn’t send me into pre-mature labor I would be bouncing in my seat waiting for it.

Love With Food July 2WM

Overall they have excellent food choices that are approved by all members in the family. The value was amazing. The customer service has thus far been prompt and helpful. I would highly recommend this company to try. Some of the food seems a little odd, such as the bean puffs and the lentil crackers, but they are still good and fit within the mission of the company.

Love With Food July 3WM

I have to give a special shout out of a product in this box. There was a marshmallow with chocolate chips in it, for the best s’mores. It was a handmade marshmallow from Madyson’s Marshmallows and I am absolutely floored by this. Madyson’s Marshmallows and I go way back! I first heard of them when they were just starting up as a company and turned to crowd funding site, Kickstarter, to be able to start up a commercial kitchen and really get things going. We backed them through the kickstarter and never regretted it after tasting the marshmallow sample we were sent once things were successful. I must be living under a rock because I did not realize how big they had grown and been featured in numerous magazines since. Even if you don’t like the idea of the Love with food box I would highly recommend checking out Madyson, her parents and the outstanding marshmallow products they have made.

** I was not compensated for my review of this product. These are my honest opinions. The post does contain a referral link**


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