I decided that a few reviews of companies and products out side of the subscription boxes would be good. Especially since I have embarked on this make up journey. After looking at several different companies I decided that I wanted a loose powder eye shadow. That narrowed down my options as that is not a very common thing. I really liked Orglamix from the eye color that I had received in a box from Ecocentric Mom previously. The colors are $9 a piece but after looking at other brands I decided that we could do $9 a color because that was actually a little less expensive than many of the alternatives. Orglamix also had a wider variety of colors and more vibrant colors than the cheaper options.

First OrderWM

Without realizing it, I ended up ordering over a holiday weekend which set back the processing of my order by a few days but they were quick to reply when I sent an e-mail inquiring about the status of my order. Once the package did ship out it was quick to arrive. When I opened the envelope I was immediately impressed. Nestled inside the envelope was a handful of fake flower petals and a mesh bag that contained my order. There was also a note card with a handwritten note on it! This company became an instant favorite!!

Inside the mesh bag were the colors I ordered and a surprise gift as well!! Okay, this company just won me over, most likely for life. The colors I ordered were true to color that was shown on the website. They look just as amazing on as the original sample I had received. I especially love the bright and vibrant because my eyes are shaped in a way that actually makes it really difficult to wear eye shadow and not have it smear everywhere and wear off within the first hour. I do still use a primer under these colors but I will always use a primer regardless of the company.

First Order 1WM

I would highly recommend this company. They do carry more products than just eye shadow and even have a monthly box of their own that sends you 3-4 eye shadow colors a month and some of them are exclusive to the box. Overall the product is worth the money spent with excellent customer service. How many other companies send you handwritten notes?!


**I was not compensated for this review. These are my honest opinions. Post does contain a referral link**


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