Cotton Booty July Bag

Cotton Booty July Bag

**All opinions are my own. I did not receive any compensation for this review**

Much to my delight and surprise I received a box from Cotton Booty this last week. I contacted them about it and it seems that there was a clerical error, which is why I got one without expecting it.  This will be our last bag from Cotton Booty for now as we explore other boxes to share with you. We have enjoyed this box immensely but have also found 4 cloth diaper brands that we would rather stick with. If you are still exploring cloth diapers then this box is one for you! The extras and samples in addition to a diaper are a great way to get exposure to some new items.  Many of the sample brands repeat between months but as this company grows and partners with more companies I think this will change.

This month the bag had a retail value over $32. One of the better bags I have seen!! There were only 3 items in the bag but for most cloth diaper users this bag was worth it and then some. Inside the bag we had a swim diaper, a diaper pail bag, and a lotion sample. From what I have seen the lotion sample is at least from a brand that has been in the bags previously if not the exact same thing. I like the lotion though so even if it were a second sample for me I wouldn’t mind it in that respect.


The swim diaper is Konfidence brand and the stated size is 3-36 months. I have never used cloth swim diapers so I am excited to now have one to try out. I do like that you can secure the diaper with both snaps and velcro. The print seemed slightly boy-ish but was still super cute. Of course since I have three little boys it works out but I was signed up for the neutral box. It’s so hard to find truly neutral baby items that aren’t solid colors. The print on this diaper is fish. They look like clown fish. Dare I say, NEMO!


The bag is a reusable bag large enough to be used in a diaper pail. Single layer PUL with elastic at the top. No fancy drawstring or zippers. I rather like it. Owls on a blue background make this bag from Bumkins hard to hide away in a pail. Right now we do not use a diaper pail but if we ever have to cloth diaper while traveling this bag will be good to have around. I don’t know much about bags since we don’t use them but so far I really like the bag.


Overall this bag is worth getting for those who use cloth diapers or are interested in cloth diapers. I highly recommend Cotton Booty. The customer service has been amazing and they are good about communicating with customers. The only downfall is that most of this communication is on their Facebook page. For those who don’t follow the page religiously they may not find out about some things, such as the bag theme, shipping problems and sales.

I have enjoyed taking a look at this bag and I hope you have too! Check back to see what boxes we are looking at next!


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  1. Good Morning! I couldn’t find your email. I wanted to inform you that you are featured over at the TGIF Blog & Instagram hop! Head over to check it out!


    1. homemademomy says:

      Thank you so much! I apologize I haven’t been on lately but we had a busy week. I’ll be sure to check it out and share the love this week.


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