Autism: Second Diagnosis

Autism Second Diagnosis

This last week has been a trying one. LittleM doesn’t sleep well sharing a room with other people. Which means that he doesn’t go to sleep AT ALL. BigM had huge routine changes, followed by huge routine changes, followed by long and demanding appointments. I hit 37 weeks in the middle of all of this and we didn’t think I was going to make it through the week without giving birth. That had everyone on edge as well.

BigM had three appointments and then the fourth was adults only. All four appointments lasted no less than two hours. We tried to do something special for him after every appointment as well. The kids got lots of down time where they were able to play with a ton of new-to-them toys and watch movies not available at home. They were also able to eat some foods that I don’t normally buy for them. We did our best to make this week as positive as we could.

He buried himself in the pillows the first night in the hotel
He buried himself in the pillows the first night in the hotel

All three days that BigM had to be at the appointments were evaluations. He had speech, psychology and developmental pediatrician. All of these reports were combined with records and evaluations from all the previous providers to make up the big picture and give us a second opinion and the diagnosis(es) to go with it.  The new professionals shared the same sentiments as the previous professionals. BigM does not exhibit all the “signs” of Autism.  He is a sweet boy who is a joy to work with. The kid is also very smart for his age and has several strong skills.

In the end we came out with a simple answer of BigM is not autistic and the not so simple answer of there are abnormalities with him. When we go into what those abnormalities are we hit the fun laundry list. Even more fun? Half that list are issues he is considered “at risk” for because he is too young and not severe enough for them to be comfortable saying, “YES! He has that.” The list includes feeding dysfunction, speech delay, anxiety, emotional issues, ADHD, sensory modulation disorder and gifted.

He LOVES makeup...
He LOVES makeup…

So where do we go now? Not really very far actually. We are looking into private speech therapy, continuing private occupational therapy and looking for a child psychologist who can follow BigM through the next year or so and when he turns five can administer IQ and other tests for the mental health abnormalities.  With us moving in less than a year all of this will be a little harder but we will do what we have to to get him what he needs!



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