Subscription Box: Update 2

Subscription Boxes Update 2

So this journey with subscription boxes has been an interesting one. From companies with some of the poorest customer service I have seen in my life to pleasant surprises that turned into long time subscriptions. We have tried mostly kids companies so far and now will be expanding out into some others. I am looking at trying out a crafting kit and some other food boxes. With PirateM coming any day now some boxes of snacks would be a good idea. While I have many homemade ideas for snacks, being able to execute those are a little hard right now.  Sometimes the key to being a successful parent is admitting when it just isn’t practical or reasonable to be able to make something homemade.  Another hard pill for me to swallow but I am working on it. So here we have some lists for everyone because I am obsessed with lists.

Boxes we tried and cancelled

Escape Monthly – felt we could get a better value for our money with other boxes

Bluum Box – long story short, terrible customer service and boxes poorly assembled for the age we tried and had to pay for bad shipping

Cotton Booty – found the diapers we want to stick with but may come back to this one later for the extra goodies

Julep – terrible shipping time since they changed shipping process. I won’t pay for bad shipping.

Ipsy – I wasn’t big on makeup at the time of this box. We may re-try a month or two.

Austin Lloyd – We don’t have the money for this one right now but once things settle down we will pick it back up.

Boxes we tried and kept

Ecocentric Mom – We have continuously been impressed with the customer service and the box contents

Love with Food – Amazing value, good snacks sticking to the themes and mission of the company.

Boxes we want to try

Baby Bump – Nursing box

Bezel Box – mini box of jewelry

Nature Box – snacks

Green Kid Craft

Kid Block – nerdy box for little ones

Conscious Box – health and beauty

Knit Crate – knitting yarn and goodies

Juniper – “time-of-the-month” box

Little Thinker Box – Pre-K box

Bonjour Jolie – “time-of-the-month” box

Birch Box – Beauty and makeup

Global Delights – international foods

My Sensory Bin – themed items for a sensory play bin

Love, Play, Nurture – box for special needs kids

SiNAP – box for kids with special needs

Nibblr – snacks


We may not get to all of these but they are on our continually rotating and changing list. Some won’t ship to my address right now so they will have to wait for a bit. If there is a specific box you are interested in seeing just leave me a comment below! We don’t have a real strict list picked out right now and honestly I am not sure what we will end up getting next. I am leaning towards one or two of the food boxes but that might be my pregnancy talking right now.

Have you tried any of the boxes? What did you try? What did you think of your boxes?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Check out my reviews on birchbox and conscious box. Birch box is my new favorite subscription. Nibblr and graze are two I’ve wanted to try but just haven’t signed up yet. I just cancel julep. You’re right about the shipping. It takes forever


  2. homemademomy says:

    Julep did good for me last month shipping wise. They switched to a new shipping method and while it helped out many of the other subscribers it actually made mine worse and I can’t see paying for shipping when it takes close to a month to reach me. I haven’t looked into graze yet but will have to now!


  3. lanna says:

    I tried Love, Play, Nurture. It is quarterly I am so happy with my first box. I have a 12 year old with autism, devel delays. Box had things specifically designed for him and each thing was wrapped inside the 1 box. Perfect!
    Wish it was monthly.
    Lanna P


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