The Liebster Award

You know you are rising in the blogging world when you get nominated for something! I like to think of these as similar to the “tag” videos on YouTube.  Either way it does give a little boost to the self esteem and ego that someone thought of you. With all of the blogs out there on, well, everything, being singled out can be difficult especially when you are new like me.

Here are the rules:

  • You must link back to the person who nominated you.
  • You have to answer all the questions you were given by the person who nominated you.
  • You must choose 5-11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers, and come up with a new set of 11 questions for them.
  • Let your nominees know they’ve been nominated.

Pretty easy, right?! So I was nominated by My World as a Mommy . Be sure to visit her and leave some comment and following love!! On to the questions given me.

1. What  plans do you have for this upcoming week?

We have more appointments this week. There are always appointments. They never end. This week is especially fun because it includes a first dental appointment with a sensory sensitive kid. Can you feel my excitement? I have to unpack and clean up the house. Get things ready for PirateM because I still don’t have much ready for him.  Oh, and hope that I go into active labor soon because I may lose my mind if I actually go full term.

2. What’s the most exciting thing you did this summer?

I got to travel a bit. Marked many things off my local area bucket list. Visited several museums and just enjoyed spending time with my family. Nothing super exciting but it was simple and that can be the best thing sometimes.

3. When do your children return back to school?

BigM goes back to school soon. I think. Maybe next week. We should probably look that up!!

4. Are you excited that Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are almost here?

I have a hard time with the holidays. I love them in theory but often have a bad bout of depression during them and don’t enjoy them as much. Our celebration of Halloween has turned more towards the autumn harvest theme. I don’t decorate with witches or monsters or any of that stuff anymore. It is just a personal religious conviction that I have come to recently. We still carve pumpkins and go to fall festivals, harvest parties, and company thrown trick-or-treat events but don’t dress up in costumes for them.  Thanksgiving is all about the food! Of course we also teach about serving others and take a donation of food to the food bank as well as donating to our local food drive. Every year they put together Thanksgiving boxes for our local neighborhood. Christmas is donating toys for other kids to have a happy Christmas. We also participate in the local angel tree and have really scaled back on the presents under the tree.

5. What traditions do you have during the Holidays?

Oops, so I already mostly answered this question above. There are some things that we cook or bake on the holidays. Every. Single. Year. No matter what. Even if we go visit my in-laws, we will make them. One is called by my family Swedish Twist Twist. So incredibly yummy!! One that I have carried through is a small gift on Christmas Eve. I adapted it to our family and they open their stockings on Christmas Eve. We also open presents throughout the day instead of all at once. I find they appreciate them more and things don’t just get shoved aside for the next biggest and shiniest thing. For Thanksgiving we always invite people over to our place or go to dinner at the house of a co-worker of HD’s. Of course I HAVE to participate in Black Friday. I never sacrifice time with the family to do so but we always go out and see what sort of things we can get. I am not crazy about it at all and if we miss out on something, oh well, but nothing is worth fighting over.

6. Do your children prefer Nickelodeon/Nick Jr. or Disney/Disney Jr.?

The kids like both of them. I do not. I only let them watch certain shows on all four channels. They also aren’t allowed to watch much TV to begin with. Of the two they are allowed more Disney than Nickelodeon for a variety of reasons that would be a blog post on its own.

7. If your life was a movie, what would the tittle be? 

8. What is your favorite summer jam from this year?

I never keep up on the latest and greatest music. Usually I run a good 3 years behind the “in thang”. I couldn’t tell you what came out this summer. Although, I do really like the redo of “Once Upon A Dream” that Lana Del Ray did for the new sleeping beauty movie.

9.  Where do you do most of your blogging? Your computer/laptop, tablet or phone?

I instagram from my phone. I tweet from the computer and phone. I write posts and go through pinterest on the computer only. I also do my Facebook through both the phone and the computer.

10. What inspires you to write?

Life? I write about what interests me and what my family is going through. I never started this blog to be big in a niche. I started this to share our experiences in hopes that it helps others along the journey.

11. What kind of blogging advice would you offer?

Do set up a schedule to keep the blogging world from creeping in on the family time but don’t make it work. Of course if you want to monetize your blog then it becomes work in a certain way. Write for the fun of writing. Reach out to others and don’t expect them to just come to you. Make blogging friends.


My nominees are *drumroll please* :

A “Peace” of Mind

My Puzzling Piece

Eat. Shop. Sleep. Repeat.

Maniac Mom

The Pinterested Parent

Made to Mother


Can’t wait to see what their answers are! Here are the questions for them:

  1. How did you choose your blog name?
  2. What is your favorite season?
  3. Do you have a blogging assistant go-to? (Hootsuite, blogging planner etc)
  4. If so what is it?
  5. What is your LEAST favorite movie genre?
  6. Do you go to the fair during the summer? 
  7. Candles or wax warmers?
  8. Where would you live if you could live in any setting? (big city, farm, beach etc)
  9. When looking for a craft or recipe idea what is your go-to source?
  10. How do you feel about voluntary c-sections and inductions?
  11. Cats or dogs?

One Comment Add yours

  1. I am so honored. Thank you for the nomination. I just accepted and Inspiring Blogger Award today and hope that you understand not participating again. That being said , I enjoyed reading about you. I love that you are so into donating, that is wonderful. I will answer a few of the questions quick though. 1.I picked my name because I love Pinterest and found many inspiring activities on there that inspired some ideas of my own. 2. I love the Fall. 3&4.No assistant. 5. I don’t do horror films. 6.Yes to the fair. 7. Candles. 8. I am a small town girl. 9. Pinterest of course. 10. I was completely against both and was pretty much forces to do both after 24 hours of having had my water broken. I had an emergency C. It was not pretty . 11. Dogs Thanks again. 🙂


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