A Few Updates

First off I apologize for falling off the planet for a week. I had every intention of posting something earlier this week but kept getting distracted. I had even downloaded an app so that I could write a quick post from my phone and put it up for all my wonderful followers. Every time I went to write it I got distracted by a friend, contractions or doctors and nurses coming in and out. After I got out of the hospital I decided to take a day or two with my family and work on adjusting everyone to our new arrival.

This leads me to the next thing. In case you don’t follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instgram or if you just missed the updates. PirateM has made his grand appearance!! The little bundle of joy was born on his Aunties birthday at a glorious 2:53 AM. I always heard about those who had late night/early morning deliveries and I felt sorry for them. I now really feel sorry for those with middle-of-the-night deliveries. They are terrible. So be on the lookout for some baby posts in the coming days.

Prior to going to the hospital we had a busy family schedule full of more appointments and even a birthday party. BigM turned 4 years old last week and with that was automatically added to our dental plan. With that we went ahead and scheduled him for his first ever dental appointment. BigM also had his well child check up and normal therapy appointment. Since HD had already taken so much time off of work for a variety of other reasons he was unable to make it to all the appointments. Any energy I had during the day was spent getting the boys to and from the variety of appointments. Then we had a birthday party to go to and BigM’s party to hold. We went straight from BigM’s party to the hospital. I’ll be putting up some more posts about BigM and how his first dental appointment went as well as one about his birthday party. It was not homemade at all and I have no shame in that. To do it all homemade would have been too much on me.

I did make some progress towards my Home Management Binder. HD got a couple pages printed off for me and I chose ones that would benefit YOU guys the most. They are some of the blog planning pages. They will help me get organized and better set up the blog posts. The ones I chose to try out are from Secret Bloggers Business and are the Weekly Blog Planner and the Monthly Blog Statistics chart. I have so many ideas floating around that just plain get lost or forgotten about. My hope is that this planner will help get everything under control. I do plan on writing a post about the binder soon to let you know what I have done thus far on the binder and how I have made one myself. I will be comparing my homemade one to two planners that my wonderful friend (check her out on twitter, instagram and YouTube) has bought and will be using.

All of this just isn’t enough! On top of it I also have gotten lots of mail. Specifically subscription box mail! I have fallen dreadfully behind in getting all my box and product reviews going. I have Austin Lloyd, Bluum, Love With Food, Ecocentric Mom, Julep, Lovely Candy and probably more that I can’t remember off the top of my head. I will be spacing them out as much as possible to avoid just overwhelming you with a ton of product reviews.

As you can see we have a lot going on with the blog as well as at home. PirateM is less than a week old and BigM starts school soon. LittleM is insanely jealous of everything going on.  I have set a goal for this weekend to get  things all organized and may be even get a post or two up for you!

Crazy weeks and months seem to have been running rampant among many of my blogging friends. How has your week gone? What do you do to manage crazy schedules and unexpected twists?




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