Austin Lloyd July Box

Austin Lloyd July Box

I fail on two fronts. One is that it is almost September and I am just now getting this posted. Second is that I have misplaced the information cards for the toys in the box and so I won’t be able to give you all the information that I usually like to. With that being said lets look at the box!

July 1WM

The theme for July was a pirate or treasure hunt theme. I chose to get this particular month for BigM as a special treat for him. The box came and BigM was beside himself with excitement when he saw his name on the inside of the box. I got the highest age level of boxes for BigM. This is probably one of two downfalls to Austin Lloyd. They only go up to age 3. The other downfall is the price at $50 a box. So far the value of the boxes have outweighed the cost by a decent amount, at least $10-15. The toys and books have so far been good quality and battery free. This box contained four toys and one interactive board book.

July 2WM

First up was a sifter type toy. Great for use in the sand or dirt to see what treasures you can find. Another idea would be to use in sensory buckets for another level of exploration. This is a good high quality toy. Both boys have loved playing with this outside and use it to gather rocks from around the yard.

July 5WM

Next up was finger puppets. A set of three pirates. The brand from these was one that I had recognized as a more expensive but high quality brand. BigM loved them. They fit well on his fingers and we were able to have pirate sword fights which he thought was pretty awesome. The puppets are even holding up well to the destructive 17 month old!

July 4WM

We also received a puzzle in this box. The puzzle hasn’t been opened yet but looks to be another good product that will be able to stand up to the kids. BigM is extremely advanced in puzzles so this puzzle set wouldn’t have been a challenge for him at all. The toy currently sits up in our closet waiting for Christmas and we will give it to Little M at that time.  The picture of the puzzle is is super cute sea animals and their babies and I can’t wait to open it.

July 6WM

The last toy that we got was a matching game. It came from an Etsy shop named Bannor Toys. The pieces are finished wood with the designs in various sea creatures. They are adorable characters and come from an amazing looking little shop. I like the durability of the pieces. With a kid who still likes to mouth everything, having wooden games instead of the cardboard or paper games is always a plus. Check out the Etsy shop and show them some love!

July 3WM

Finally we received an interactive board book. I say interactive because it has moving parts that slide and twist to reveal more pictures and surprises. It’s a short story following a couple pirates on the search for buried treasure. Both the boys love the book and BigM enjoys seeing what the various movement tabs do.

Overall I would say this months box was well worth it. The kids are enjoying the toys and the value of the box was higher than what we paid. The company has stuck to the battery free toys and all boxes so far have included a book as well. The products also go along well with the stated theme of the month. Unfortunately August will be the last month for now because of the price but this is a box we do want to come back to at some point in time.

Have you ever tried Austin Lloyd? If so, what did you think of it?


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