BigM 4 Year Check Up

BigM 4 Year Check Up

Well, my baby did it again. He missed the memo about not growing up anymore and went and turned another year older. With this momentous occasion comes the annual doctor check-up. I wouldn’t normally make an entire blog post about something as simple as a well child check up but with everything else going on these simple things can be a big deal.

He didn’t like this doctor at first which did concern me a little but after 1 or 2 appointments BigM doesn’t mind the pediatrician now and this last time even cooperated quite well with him. Since feeding has been an issue before we are always a little apprehensive when it comes to looking at growth stats. BigM weighed in at a mighty 33 pounds and measured 39 3/4 inches tall. I cried a little when I heard those numbers. My little baby is now big enough to ride a new group of amusement park rides. This is not ok! He needs to stay my little boy forever! While these numbers mean that he is tall and skinny they also mean that despite the trouble we have with him eating, he is growing and finally staying on a curve. This is good. This is what we want. We are still working to expand his diet and remove some of the anxiety surrounding food but it isn’t as big of a concern because he is growing.

He sure does love to dance!
He sure does love to dance!

Everything came out looking healthy and strong. Except for the insomnia. Something that should be helped by the 5 mg of melatonin. If that doesn’t work then the clonidine should work. Short story? They don’t. Even shorter story? There really isn’t anything else we can do. Only other thing we could do is add more medicine to what he is already taking. The medicine suggested was described to us as a mild, short term tranquilizer. That right there turned us off from it. When we looked ourselves trazodone was described on various websites as an anti-depressant that is also used for panic attacks, aggressive behavior, agoraphobia and cocaine withdrawals. The purpose of giving it to BigM would be for the side effect of drowsiness and tired feeling and hoping he didn’t have the effects of altered sense of taste and stomach pains. In the end we decided not to go that route for now. This also means that there really is not much else we can do except have a pity party for ourselves because we have a 4 year old with insomnia and there isn’t anything we can do about it.

Otherwise they added to his records a diagnosis of PICA, the mouthing and/or eating of non-food items, and neurodevelopmental disorder but that was just for documentation purposes. We aren’t doing anything new for those that we haven’t already been doing.

BigM also likes to help out around the house, to include gardening.
BigM also likes to help out around the house, to include gardening.

Have you ever had a child on clonidine or trazodone? What were your experiences? What did you do for PICA?


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