Paint-Chip Mobile

Paint Chip Mobile

So somewhere way back in the dusty corners of my craft folder I found these pictures. This was a Pinterest find but I am not sure if I found it or if my amazing friend found it. You really should go check her out on YouTube. A late night trip to WalMart and the paint department resulted in a healthy stack of paint chips. I dug up some extra yarn and a wreath form that I had lying around as well. Between the two of us we had all the tools needed as well. That means this project was completely free for me!!

Don’t you love late night shopping trips? They can be the best especially when made with friends.  Random trips to Target are also the best. There was one time that I went to visit her for 4 days and we went to Target every single day. Why? Because we could. We also went to three different Targets. Because we could and it’s our thing.

Now that you know all about us making random trips to WalMart and Target let us get into the directions for this project. Be careful because this is another doozy! (Note: the sarcasm)

Materials gathered minus the large circle punch.
Materials gathered minus the large circle punch.


  • Wreath Form, wooden circle, something round that can be the frame
  • Yarn, thread, string, something with which to hang everything
  • Paint chips, the large size not the ones with 5 colors to a strip
  • Large circle punch
  • Hole punch
  • Glue, some sort of adhesive
First layer of circles tied on.
First layer of circles tied on.


Take the paint chips and punch out two circles from each color. The punch out I used made 2 inch in diameter circles. Use the largest size you can and get two punch outs.

Glue wrong sides together of each color so that you have color facing out no matter how you flip it. To really mix it up you can match opposite colors together so it is, for example, blue on one side and red on the other.

Take the hole punch and punch a hole in each pair.

Second layer of circles on.
Second layer of circles on.

Cut the yarn in varying lengths as many strings as you have punched out circles.

Tie the strings to the circles and then the opposite end to the wreath form. Space them out sporadically on the form or create a pattern. Whatever suits your fancy.

Cut four equal lengths of yarn and tie one end together then equally spread the other ends out and tie to the wreath form. This is what you will hang the mobile from.

Completed mobile
Completed mobile

Now you have a super cute, homemade, colorful mobile!! What homemade decor do you like making for your kids?


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  1. Mommy Crusader says:

    What a great idea! You could even use it as a chandelier or sculpture in an older child’s bedroom. Thanks for the fantastic project!


    1. homemademomy says:

      AW, thank you! It was really easy to do in one night after BigM had gone to bed. I hadn’t even thought of using it as they got older. Great ideas as well.

      Liked by 1 person

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