Cotton Booty: Past Boxes

Cotton Booty Past Bags

Way back when I was clicking around the Cotton Booty website and stumbled across some old subscription boxes that they were selling. These were ones that they had some extras of and so were up for sale.  They had a sale that applied to shop orders and got me free shipping. I couldn’t turn down the opportunity. Two of the past boxes had my favorite diapers in them. The best part? For the price of the diaper we also got some other cloth diapering goodies! Let us jump right into what these two boxes contained.

Two diapers and disposable inserts.
Two diapers and disposable inserts.


The two diapers I received were a Rumparooz and a Babykicks. The RAR print was called Charlie and the Babyicks was blue. I love the quality of these diapers and how freaking adorable they are. I chose these past boxes because they contained several items that we wanted and the price couldn’t be beat. We didn’t pay anymore in base price than the cost of a subscription box. One of the boxes was actually less expensive than a box and then add in the sale and free shipping.

Extra Goodies
Extra Goodies

These extra goodies have been lifesavers! The two wipes are amazing. The spray bottle with wipes solution hasn’t been tried out yet but we plan on trying it soon. I’ve been wanted the stain stick and RLR treatment to try out as well. The stain stick works great and we just tried the RLR last night and so far seems to have done well but I don’t know for sure yet. The Eco Nuts are reusable laundry soap lumps that we are saving for a later date. Probably when we move. They are nice and compact and will be easy to use in our long term hotel place until we get a new house.

Overall I love the products, the company and being able to purchase past boxes. These two were well worth the price. I would recommend Cotton Booty if you are interested in cloth diapering or expanding your stash.


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