Ecocentric Mom: July/August

Ecocentric Mom JulyAugust

I absolutely ADORE this Ecocentric Mom subscription box. It is one of the few that I am keeping past the trial period. The box is only $20 every two months and the samples and products you get are absolutely fantastic.  If you have read any of my past box reviews you’ll know that I don’t easily rave about a product or a box but if I could throw this company a party I would.


This box I had sent them an e-mail requesting to switch what kind of box I received from them. Before I was receiving a Mom-To-be box and switched to a Mom and Baby box. They were easy to work with on making the switch and even sent a personal e-mail confirming the switch and congratulating me on the upcoming birth. Personally written e-mails just make me giddy. Now on to what we got in the box.


Actually we are starting with what wasn’t in the box. After going through the box and the pamphlets I realized that there was a product missing. After a quick e-mail to the company they wrote back apologizing for the missing product and they promptly sent out a replacement and even a follow up e-mail with the tracking number for the package.


So much love in this box. The apple chips weren’t anything I hadn’t had before but knowing they didn’t have all that extra stuff was great. I was able to open them and pig out with and share with the kids without a second thought about all the extra sugar and additives.


I haven’t tried out the bug repellent yet because it takes a special concoction to work against the mosquitoes up here. I have tried essential oil repellent before with mild success so I am interested to try this stuff out and see how well it works. As for the tea, I may pass that on to a friend because I am not a big tea drinker. I can never get a strong enough flavor. The savory might make a good dip or rub for meat. We are going to get creative with it and try it out this winter time when we need a pick me up.


These wipes have me very excited. I recently read something about not using store bought wipes all the time. The suggestion was to use a water damped cloth. Not even using a wipes solution except for possibly when you are out and about and using packaged wipes might be easier.  The two creams have me excited as well but they are going in the que of creams to try out that we have. Previously I used CJ’s BUTTer and have been super happy with it but have been getting a lot of  balms and creams from the boxes. Guess we are set for trips and such! Hopefully LittleM doesn’t lose them all.


I love books of any sort.  This one is no different. It even caught LittleM’s attention for almost 24 hours and that is not easy to do. The thick pages make it easy to grasp for my itty bitty’s. The cards are cute and good quality but not my style. There are several others who are also pregnant right now so I may pass them on to another Mom to use. The food is a little beyond PirateM but we are excited to try it out once he is old enough. Love the food blend and that it is organic.


Overall I cannot say enough good things about this company or the products they include. I love that they have different boxes for the various stages in a mother’s life. I love that they get some products from Etsy stores. Supporting small, home business’s is big on my list. I love the variety and value of the box as well. They do have a straight up Mom box available for those who aren’t pregnant or have little ones under the age of 1 running around. Of course the Mom-to-be box would be good for all mom’s. They are big on pampering for those boxes but who couldn’t use a little big of pampering? I would highly recommend this subscription box.


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