PM Birth Story

Pirate M Birth Story

Continuing our birth story series with my latest bundle of joy, PirateM. I had a not so great experience with LittleM after we arrived at the hospital that I am allowed to use with my insurance. So when we got our surprise Christmas Eve present of a positive home test I gave them one chance. They actually got two and then I switched my insurance and got set up to deliver at the other hospital in town.

I loved my doctor. He was very laid back and easy going and trusted us to know when we needed to call in or be seen. When we found out that I was Group B Strep negative I asked him if I still had to have an IV during labor or not. He was perfectly fine with me going without one and didn’t even require a saline block for me. I was ecstatic when I walked out of that appointment. We had another one scheduled but he didn’t think I would make it to the appointment day. We had also discussed at what point would I have to be induced. He said that he wouldn’t talk seriously about inductions until I reached 41 weeks. Of course I didn’t reach 41 weeks. I didn’t reach my next appointment either.

PM Birth Story 1
All checked in

Saturday evening we had a party to go to. I thought I was in labor all that day leading up to the birthday party. I wasn’t sure I would make it through the party. I did. That night, after I went to bed, I got extremely nauseous. So sick that I barely got any sleep. I slept in Sunday morning and then got up in time to quickly decorate for BigM’s birthday dinner before the guests arrived. Now when I say guests, I mean a couple of Homemade Daddy’s friends who came over to play a game. The one other wife of the group also came over and helped entertain the kids. We had a BBQ and cupcakes. Opened presents and then had to decide what we were going to do that evening.

You see, during the course of the party I had proceeded to lose my dinner from the previous night and had contractions that were close enough to concern a first time mom but were just annoying for me. However, they didn’t go away. In fact when I got up to pack a bag for the kids they got stronger. We had decided to send the kids home with one of the friends and go get checked out at the hospital. We didn’t want me to go into active labor in the middle of the night and then what would we do with the kids?

Fresh Baby
Fresh Baby

After dropping the kids off the contractions got noticeably stronger. While we were waiting in the ER waiting room they were actually a little painful. I got settled into a room in Labor and Delivery and at the first check I was already 6 cm. I didn’t think I was THAT far along! We didn’t get to go home that night either. My vitals were taken and I was hooked up to the monitor for an initial set of checks and I settled in for a long night. PirateM didn’t make this easy on us. He kept running from the monitor for his heart rate. Eventually we got enough for me to be allowed off the monitor. I was offered drink and snacks but I decided against them to prevent anymore throwing up. I had eaten a small piece of fruit on the way in to help get me through.

This experience was amazing compared to before. I was allowed to decline an IV and medicine. I was allowed to decline the newborn medicines. I got to labor inside a tub for as long as I wanted to. I got to hold and nurse PM right away and they delayed non-essential testing until we were settled and he was done nursing. Everything was done in our room except for the circumcision. They kept snacks on hand at the desk. Good snacks. Ritz crackers, graham crackers, yogurt, applesauce and juice box type snacks. We got help whenever we needed it and always with a great bedside manner.

Kangaroo time with HD to warm him up
Kangaroo time with HD to warm him up

At 8.5 cm I had slowed down in progression and that is when I moved temporarily to a tub room. I was only supposed to labor in the tub for a little bit.  The room wasn’t set up for a delivery. My hips is where I was feeling the pain. Some in my back but mostly my hips. I was unable to get in a comfortable position because of my hips. They helped me get out of the tub and into the bed in the room. They checked me again and I was still only 8.5 but had a bulging sack. My water still hadn’t broken but it was bulging out. They told me I was too far for any medicine, I had been begging for it since the tub.

In the end I ended up letting the doctor break my water and had two nurses providing counter pressure on my hips through each and every contraction. Those two nurses deserve some sort of award. It couldn’t have been easy for them. One thing I did learn? Breathing through the contractions really does help. I didn’t do the hee-hee-hoo breathing. Just breathing deep breaths and blowing it out. That helped. It was weird but it did. As soon as my water was broken I had to push. Everything went fairly uneventful until I decided that the last push to get PM out should be with my legs and I pushed myself up the bed and away from the doctor.

I love his ears!
I love his ears!

I had a beautiful 7 pound 12 ounce bundle of joy.  How did your labor/s go? Was one better over another? What do you wish you could do differently?


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