Challenge #9

Dream Vacation


There are so many places that I want to go visit or go do. Some are mommy-cations, some are honeymoons (we never had one) and some are family vacations. When forced to sit down and chose between them I can’t. I am just as excited to take my kids to Disneyland, as I am to go on a cruise with Homemade Dady, as I am to take a weekend getaway with my friends and no family.


My ideal family vacation would be a road trip across America. Seeing a bunch of major sites like the Grand Canyon, Branson, Niagara Falls and Mall of America. We would drive through as many states as possible. It would be epic and amazing.


I would want to go on a cruise.  Anywhere as long as it was at least a week long.  A cruise would take us to a new place, with amazing dinners and spas and swimming. Everything I could want all wrapped up in one! It’s hard for us to even just get out for a date night let alone a whole trip together.


I’m not extremely decided on where I would want to go on a Mommy-cation, as long as it is with some good friends. We have talked about Hawaii and the North East in the past. In the past I just went and stayed with a friend who lived a few hours away. Any location or destination can be tons of fun if the time is spent with the right people!

Where would you go on your dream vacation? Who would be included?


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  1. This is cool to think about, although I think it will remain only in my dreams haha. I’d settle for just a shower or a few hours at the movies at this point for the mommycation. Family-I’ve always wanted to do the new England area, if it was in the US; or a Europe trip would be awesome, and I’d just like to hit as much of it as possible. How much time and money can I have!? Lol. I like your places too!


    1. homemademomy says:

      I would agree with the bathroom! I would love to just go for 5 minutes alone. The New England area is actually where I am hoping to move to next. I made my choices based on unlimited time and something that could be achievable with regards to money. Thank you for visiting!


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