Subscription Box: Update 3

I started out on this quest to try out subscription boxes and share my experience with all of my lovely followers. Homemade Dady can tell you that, I can become obsessed with collections. While these boxes  may not be collections per se they have taken a hold of me as if they were. Excuse me while I channel my inner geek, I’ve gotta try them all! I spend HOURS researching boxes and looking for one we may have missed or good deals on ones we are looking to try. Heck, even deals on ones we had no intention of trying!

This project started out so well researched and organized. I had a plan and a schedule. Everything was orderly. Yeah, that didn’t last. Things quickly fell into anarchy. My inability to pass up discount code deals over ruled my nice, neat organization. So let’s take a look at what I WAS doing.

Beauty and Healthcare

  • Ipsy Make up and beauty products – monthly **DONE**
  • Conscious Box specialty food and beauty products – Round 3
  • Bonjour Jolie period care and pampering – Round 4

Baby and Toddler Products

  • Cottonbooty    Cloth diaper box – Round 1**We ended up taking advantage of a sale and ordering a couple past boxes. Look out for a review of those along with the second box review. Box 2 should be shipping soon!**
  • Bluum Box    baby and toddler products – Round 1**We are still waiting on box 1 to arrive. It should be here by the end of the week**
  • Austin Lloyd infant and toddler toys and books – every month **Rare high value coupon codes made us decide to throw this one in here. It should ship out soon!**



  • Ecocetric Mom Pregnancy and newborn products – Round 1 **Box 1 has shipped out and should be arriving any day**
  • Baby Bump Bundle pregnancy and nursing products – Round 2 **We have had to make the choice to drop Baby Bump Bundles 1 and 2. We may still purchase trimester 3 and the nursing bundle but will evaluate that as the time gets closer.**


  • NatureBox snack food – Round 3
  • Try the World international food – Round 2 **This one has been put on hold for the time being but we will be trying it out**


  • Knit crate knitting box – Round 3
  • Bezel Box jewelry – Round 2 **See as I don’t wear much jewelry and especially not fashion jewelry we have decided to cut this one**
  • Nerd Block collectibles from comics, games, and shows – Round 4
  • Escape Monthly goods from destinations around the world and U.S. – Round 1**We have had to end this box after only 2 months to allow for other boxes. Look for the last review at the end of the month**

Not trying but found interesting

The next update gave us the following information. By this time we had tried some boxes and had some we liked and some we didn’t like. Here is where things started to fall apart but hadn’t quite fallen completely apart yet.

Boxes we tried and cancelled

  • Escape Monthly – felt we could get a better value for our money with other boxes
  • Bluum Box – long story short, terrible customer service and boxes poorly assembled for the age we tried and had to pay for bad shipping
  • Cotton Booty – found the diapers we want to stick with but may come back to this one later for the extra goodies
  • Julep – terrible shipping time since they changed shipping process. I won’t pay for bad shipping.
  • Ipsy – I wasn’t big on makeup at the time of this box. We may re-try a month or two.
  • Austin Lloyd – We don’t have the money for this one right now but once things settle down we will pick it back up.

Boxes we tried and kept

  • Ecocentric Mom – We have continuously been impressed with the customer service and the box contents
  • Love with Food – Amazing value, good snacks sticking to the themes and mission of the company.

Boxes we want to try

  • Baby Bump – Nursing box
  • Bezel Box – mini box of jewelry
  • Nature Box – snacks
  • Green Kid Craft
  • Kid Block – nerdy box for little ones
  • Conscious Box – health and beauty
  • Knit Crate – knitting yarn and goodies
  • Juniper – “time-of-the-month” box
  • Little Thinker Box – Pre-K box
  • Bonjour Jolie – “time-of-the-month” box
  • Birch Box – Beauty and makeup
  • Global Delights – international foods
  • My Sensory Bin – themed items for a sensory play bin
  • Love, Play, Nurture – box for special needs kids
  • SiNAP – box for kids with special needs
  • Nibblr – snacks

So, now what are we doing? Well let me share what I can.

Boxes We Kept

  • Austin Lloyd for Little M
  • Love With Food
  • Ecocentric Mom

Boxes We are Trying

  • Nature Box
  • Kiwi Crate
  • Green Kid Craft
  • Citrus Lane for Pirate M
  • Wantables Accessories
  • Bezel Mini Box

Boxes We have Tried

  • Bluum for pregnancy
  • Escape Monthly
  • Julep
  • Ipsy
  • Cotton Booty

Boxes I Want but have to Wait (no shipping to my location)

  • Nibblr
  • Yumvelope
  • Beauty Box 5
  • Graze

Boxes We are Trying Soon

  • DateLivery
  • My Bakers Box
  • Knit Crate
  • Global Delights
  • Wantables Make up
  • Wantables Intimates
  • The Cozy Mug

Boxes I am Still Deciding on

  • Nerd Blok
  • Nerd Blok Jr
  • Loot Crate
  • Hampton’s Lane
  • Birch Box
  • Glossy Box
  • Googaro

I could go through and try to explain why we chose to not try some but try others. Try to say how and why we changed our minds but this post is already long enough. that and it’s night and I am tired. Mostly because I am tired.

So I have a few more box reviews to write and get posted including our latest box that just came, Green Kid Crafts. Oh yes and two more that are arriving sometime today, Austin Lloyd and Love With Food. Watch on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and I will TRY to post a spoiler. emphasis on TRY.


What boxes do you subscribe to? What genres are you interested in? What have been your experiences with subscription boxes?


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  1. Juniper closed down just to let ya know.


    1. homemademomy says:

      I hadn’t seen that yet. Thank you for letting me know!


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