Essential Oil Bug Repellent

One of the first essential oil recipes I tried was one for bug repellent. Mostly for mosquitoes.  Where we live the summers are affectionately referred to “swat season.” This did not work extremely well against our onslaught but then deet didn’t always work either. I take the results with a grain of salt until I am able to test it against other blood suckers.

Some say to use water in order to dilute but I prefer to use witch hazel. I also used a light colored plastic bottle to mix and store and have since learned that you DO NOT want to do that.

You DO want a dark colored glass bottle with applicator of choice. Some options include a roller ball and spray nozzle but  you can use whatever suits you.

The oils I chose to combine were lemon eucalyptus (yes, this is different from eucalyptus), lemongrass, lavender, and peppermint. Some other ideas are catnip, citronella and basil.  Combine equal parts of the oils you choose then fill the bottle with witch hazel or apple cider vinegar. Another variation is to use 2:1 of the citrus type oils to all others.  For example 2 parts lemongrass and citronella to 1 part lavender and basil.

Shake gently before applying just to be sure that everything is nice and combined.  What is your favorite combination for bug repellent? What have you found to work best for your area?


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