Grovia: Newborn (Old Style)

I didn’t start out cloth diapering Pirate M right away. We decided to use disposables in the hospital and through the meconium phase. Once he was having regular, normal breastfeeding bowel movements then we transitioned to cloth. I knew before he was born that we wanted to do newborn cloth. While we were exploring and building our stash for Little M I made that decision and built up a 2-3 day stash of newborns. I chose styles that were from companies we were already using with LM. This lead us to Lil Joey’s and Grovia NB. I was able to get my hands on one of each before I bought them and was very pleased. I’ll go more into the Lil Joey’s in a review of their own. This is about the Grovia.

I learned very quickly that Grovia had just recently switched styles of newborns. They completely revamped the diaper. When I got my diapers, I got most of them used and they ended up being the old style. We didn’t care at the time. Saving money was the big seller on using them. I do have a couple new ones that I bought brand new but we will discuss those in a separate post as well. This one is about the ruffle edged Grovia Newborn.

First off, I love Grovia. They are an AIO but I like that the top layers are only sewn in on one side. This makes them easier and faster to dry and sun bleach. The outside uses PUL in a variety of cute and fairly unique prints.  There is a line of snaps to allow for snapping the top down. This is great for umbilical cord stumps and until baby is big enough to comfortably fit without the top being snapped down. There are several options for snapping the waistband in and fit snuggly and comfortably around my small baby just fine. There is not a snap to allow one hip flap to snap over the other but we are finding that in newborn diapers this is really not necessary. Now the edges on the old style are ruffled without the PUL going all the way around. This means that some of the fabric used on the inside extend out. They are more likely to leak on clothes, or you, because of this.  You have to be on top of changes more so than usual. Since I stay home most of the day and don’t go very far when we do leave, this isn’t a huge problem. I also didn’t mind dealing with it because they typically grow out of newborns pretty quickly.

These diapers wash very well. Easily getting clean and smelling fresh no matter how large the mess. They dry in average amount of time as well. I dry on low heat and usually run the dryer for around 90 minutes. We also have an old, low end dryer and have to run many things on multiple cycles if not on high heat.

Last is how well they are holding up. I did not invest in a large number of newborn sized diapers. This means I have a small stash and rotation. As a result the diapers get washed more often. They also are worn more often. All of this means more wear and tear. With the Grovias, you can’t even tell.

Overall, I would recommend trying Grovia’s old style newborn. They may be worth the money saved for you.


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