Morning Sickness

One of the most commonly thought of symptoms of pregnancy is nausea or morning sickness. You hear all the time about how it should be called all day sickness. It hits every pregnant woman differently and some don’t even get it. Those women are the kind that I hate. With a passion.  I had morning sickness with all three kids. Actually, with all five pregnancies. Each pregnancy presented the morning sickness in a different way. No two were exactly alike. Today I am here to talk about my morning sickness with Little M. The other four times weren’t anything super significant. It was your typical run of the mill nausea with a hint of throwing up.

My morning sickness with Little M hit rather early. I was doing ok and could still function slightly. It was like a roller coaster though. Once it started gaining speed it just kept going. Getting worse and worse. Making life absolutely miserable. I eventually was unable to eat regular meals. Then I was unable to get out of bed. Then I couldn’t even move. We had to find a babysitter for BigM because I couldn’t be up chasing him around and getting him food let alone changing diapers. Then I had to move my life down into our basement where the man cave was.

Homemade Dady preferred to spend his evenings down there on his computer. We also had the pull out couch down there and the big TV with surround sound. BigM was able to bring some toys down to play with and the floor was tiled. So if BigM spilled anything or I puked on the floor, it was easy to clean up.  There was also a recliner downstairs for the times when I was able to sit up and be at the computer. Those were few and far between but I forced myself to change positions. At my peak I was dry heaving at every little thing. I would roll over in bed and dry heave. No matter how slow I moved I would dry heave. I couldn’t eat. I also had a doctor who refused to deal with me.

At first I was told to try moving slow and eating saltines before getting out of bed. I puked up the crackers. Then they gave me a combination of vitamin B-12 and something else that I can’t remember what it was. They did nothing. They didn’t even come close to doing anything. When I brought this up to the doctor she refused to do anything else for me. This was a terrible doctor that I eventually ended up changing. I was well into my second trimester before things returned to any sort of normalcy. It was a very slow return.

Things got so bad that I ate applesauce and had it immediately come back up. I was lucky to eat the equivalent of one meal a day. I lost a ton of weight. I had elevated levels of pain from my acid reflux and stomach problems. A part of me thinks that this led to my lack of appetite for the rest of my pregnancy. I was never able to gain back all the weight I had lost. My selective eater kid would eat more than I would at meals.

I wish I had more words of wisdom for those suffering from morning sickness. All I can say is to talk to your doctor about vitamin B-12 or prescription options. Natural remedies include saltines before getting out of bed, moving slowly when changing elevations, eating a more bland diet and ginger. Many people say to drink clear soda to help settle. I like to use plain red coca-cola though. It was given to me by a doctor when I was nauseated one day and didn’t have access to first world medicines. Surprisingly enough, it helped. A lot.  I tend to recommend eating what you are craving. No matter how crazy, off the wall, so unlike you it is. Chances are it will help to settle your stomach. Just eat a small amount at a time and don’t push yourself. Last piece of advice? Don’t hold back from telling your doctor  just how bad it is. Don’t try to tough it out, call them and let them know if things don’t get better. There is such a thing as severe morning sickness that causes some women to be hospitalized.

Have you had morning sickness before? How severe did yours get? What remedies did you try and what worked for you?


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  1. msdiaperd says:

    I never had bad morning sickness. Just eating a little something every hour seemed to keep it at bay. Visiting from Blogging Mommy Meetup. ❤


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